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~ Miasma ~

'Round and 'round, I spin
Holding high my staff of willow, root and burl
A Magic powerful I now begin

Cast and call three times I whirl
As the sacred fires consume me from within
From blazing heart a mighty spell I unfurl

A unholy miasma must now vanish
An ancient fear I now banish

From my heart these words now flow
Casting now this charm of making
For all ears to hear and hearts to know
Now is the time of our great awakening

The raiment of suffering we freely strip
In our nakedness the curse of fear now breaking
Violence, hatred and greed, hear me, Now. Release your grip!
No longer slaves, your meal of tears no longer are we partaking!

Books and Gods encouraged us to kill
Centuries of murder, rivers of our own blood flowing
Your spell of madness is now broken. Hear we not your fearful shill.
The path of Forgiveness and Love has entered our knowing

Care for Neighbors and World like a new and Tender Lover
Healing and Abundance for each other we are bringing
An amazing miracle we happily discover
Our new world of peace has been here since the beginning