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Books to Oregon Prisoners Needs A New HOME!!!

Books to Oregon Prisoners needs a new space...
We are looking for 200 sq. feet or more and just need enough space for a small library of books, a few tables and filing cabinets. We do mailings on the 2nd and last saturdays of every month and may add a couple of week nights here or there. This could be a basement, garage or spare room in a house. If you are a business you can get a tax write off for donating your space. We are a non-profit collective dedicated to sending books to prisoners in Oregon free of charge and we do not have the means to pay for a space so we are looking for a rent free location!!!

If you have any extra space or any ideas please let us know. We are looking to stay in NE or SE pdx between Powell and Lombard, 82nd and the river....
thank you, for more information about who we are check out

Contact us at  bookstooregonprisoners@gmail.com
or you can call Alex at 503-740-4375

homepage: homepage: http://bookstooregonprisoners.org
phone: phone: 503-740-4375