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Stop Gordon Smith this Wednesday!

Statewide Protests Of Gordon Smith. Help Hold Him Accountable For His Iraq War Record.
The Stop Gordon Smith Campaign is organizing protests outside each of Smith's Oregon offices on Wednesday, December 5. Help hold Smith accountable for his Iraq War Record.

Smith can't be trusted on the Iraq War. He will say anything to win votes. Only after Smith saw America kick Republicans out of office and say no to the war did he say he would oppose it.

Then, even though he said he would oppose the conflict, he voted four times in 2007 to keep troops in Iraq and prolong the war.

Who: You! Invite your friends and join others to speak out against the war and hold Smith accountable. Protest organized by the Stop Gordon Smith Campaign.

What: Please bring a sign with an appropriate message. But if you can't bring a sign, please bring yourself. And your friends, family, acquaintances.

When: Wednesday, December 5, 2007 at 11:30AM-12:30PM.

Where: Sen. Gordon Smith's Portland office.

Why: Gordon Smith can't be trusted on the Iraq War.

Gordon Smith was one of George Bush's biggest cheerleaders. He gave him blank check after blank check in Iraq. Now that it's election season, he wants to convince people he's on our side. But Oregonians know better. We know the difference between an election year speech and the resolve to bring the troops home. Oregonians have a U.S. Senator they cannot trust. He will say anything to win votes. Let's hold him accountable.

For more information, please contact Brent Sandmeyer at  brent@dpo.org or (503) 239-8632.

Go to StopGordonSmith.com for details on Smith's record.

Please direct media inquiries to Marc Siegel at (503) 239-8641.

Gordon Smith's Portland Office Location:

One World Trade Center
121 SW Salmon Street
Portland, OR 97204

Sue Hagmeier

Communications Secretary


Politicians 04.Dec.2007 17:36


In addition to Gordon Smith, the democrats in Oregon are just as untrustworthy on the war in Iraq. For instance Earl Blumenauer signed the Declaration of Peace 2 years in a row now, and each time he completely ignored the message he signed: not to vote for war funding. Both times he went ahead and voted for war funding anyway, 2 months after he pledged not to.
He has repeatedly stated he will not support impeachment of the Bush regime, even though the citizens of Portland, his constituents, are overwhelmingly in favor of this and have told him so many times!
Here is a " representative" who has completely sold out!!
Please join our weekly Thursday impeach group in front of his office: 729 NE Oregon street, from 12-2 PM or a fraction of that time. This group of dedicated folks have been doing this vigil for more than 6 months now, and we sure could use your support!