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What Happened to Infoshop.Org

I just when to infoshop.org and got something else
I just when to infoshop.org and got something else. It looks like a russian place marker, anyone know whats up??

works fine for me 03.Dec.2007 21:27


Though they are asking for donations,

Sounds like you DNS got hijacked 03.Dec.2007 22:18


get yo interweb fixed. Depends on OS, but it's kind of common to do DNS hijack, to send you to more happy fun time DNS server.

up n running 03.Dec.2007 22:39

10:30 guy

worked for me 10:30pm 12-3-07

here is two screenshot first on is pasted ontop of the other
time stapmed was entered (by me) in the "search box"
Have No Fear 10:30 was here!
Have No Fear 10:30 was here!

Per Chuck O's blog 03.Dec.2007 23:52


On another blog is possible in the comment section on the latest story he said that he simply forgot to renew the domain name, and that it will be back online in a couple of days. Though this does make me think, what if infoshop was shut down for "spreading terrorist propaganda", how would US radicals respond? This is a major news source (over 200,000 unique views per month) would people shrug their shoulders, or would they actively organize against blatant repression? After all in China if you type in democracy or falun gong on a google search engine literally nothing comes up. Just wondering.