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In defeat, Chavez makes liars of US press.

The US Press has recently launched a huge anti-Chavez media blitz. A common thread to these hit pieces is Chavez' "authoritarian" tendencies, and characterization of him as anti-democratic and a "dictator". However, in the narrowest of defeats (~2%), there are no planeloads of operatives flying in to stage riots in the counting houses, there will be no suits brought before a fixed Supreme Court, and there won't be hateful rhetoric calling certain people, "too stupid to vote".
Listening to the results and the concession tonight live from  http://radiovenezuelaenvivo.blogspot.com/ , I couldn't help but think of all the lies and invective spewed by the US press in the last few weeks.
For instance, the Washington Post today chose to hang their already incredibly poor credibility on war criminal (  http://www.alternet.org/story/66425/ ) Donald Rumsfeld, a man who couldn't find it in his own character to divest himself from his corporate connections while he 'served' in the US government, as is required by law.

Here's a little example of one of Rumsfeld's many untruths in just this one article: (  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/11/30/AR2007113001800.html )

"With diplomatic, economic and communications institutions designed for a different era, the free world has too few tools to help prevent Venezuela's once vibrant democracy from receding into dictatorship."

Here in reality, the 'free world' needs no such tools. Venezuela's democracy is obviously in good hands. Rumsfeld, as always, in 180 degrees from the actual situation. His intent, as always, to mislead.

I would like to call on those of you who understand how to be the media, to please take some time to write to the authors of these lies in the media that you monitor and call them out in the most public way possible, because it doesn't get much more transparent than this.


Rumsfeld was on National Television shaking hands with Saddam. 03.Dec.2007 11:11


When Iraq attacked Iran in 1980 for overthrowing the shah of Iran and nationalizing Iran's oil to the Iranian people, it was done because the C.I.A. and the U.S. Imperialist state wanted to annexate Iran's two oil producing provinces to Iraq, and thereby the control of both countries oil again. Saddam was the President put in power in Iraq in the palace of the end by the C.I.A. who had hired him to assasinate the popular Iraqi President Abdul Karim Quassam who came to power by nationalizing the Iraqi oil out of the foreign (mainly U.S. monopolies control. Quassam had took over the oil in 1958 and confined the U.S. and other foreign oil companies to one tenth of one percent of the territory of Iraq and for that act of nationalization to the people of Iraq, the C.I.A. hired Saddam Hussein to assassinate the elected Iraqi President Abdul Karim Q!uassam and after three attempts Saddam finally suceeded in 1963. The C.I.A. then put him up in the palace of the end and he served them and the U.S. monopoly oil companies faithfully for twenty-seven years as their appointed dictator.

When Dr. Mossedegh took power in Iran in 1952 the C.I.A. quickly found an unpopular exile in Shah Palavi and returned him to Iran and through propaganda and deceit managed to overthrow the elected President and put in the Shah of Iran and he did the C.I.A's bidding until the popular mass overthrew him in 1989, and nationalized Irans' oil again to the Iranian people. That in no way suited the U.S. Imperialist empire and so the C.I.A. again set out to overthow the popular mass and its revolutionary government. To do that Brezninski, the emire of Kuwait, and King Saud after meeting set the C.I.A. to order the attack by Saddam on Iran to annexate through amputation Iran's two oil producing provinces to Iraq and thusly to the U.S. Imperial control to the Oil of both countries again. All of their done behind the backs of the American and world peoples knowledge. It is still censored to this very day. That Imperialist War of Aggression launched by the U.S. Imperialist masters and their faithful servant Saddam cost the Arab people over one million killed. When the Iraqi proxy troops started losing, Rumsfeld was sent to Iraq and with C.I.A. knowledge he and the C.I.A. and the Pentagon military supplied Saddam with WMD, in the form of Chemical and Biological weapons to vanquish Saddams inturnal and exturnal enemies and win the war so the U.S. Imperialist could again control all the oil in the two countries. Thus we see big time pictures of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam on the monopoly media in the U.S. That also is the reason that in the second invasion of Iraq the Pentagon and white house made big noise about Iraq having WMD because the Pentagon had the receipts in their possession on secret file in the Pentagon. However, after the defeat of Saddam's forces by Bush Sr. and the Pentagon forces, the Iraqi peoples movement dismantled all WMD much to the Pentagons' surprise, as that is not something that they woulld do. Hence all this horror and terror unleashed by U.S. Imperialism is indeed reason enough to Impeach Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld for high crimes and misdemeanors, and in truth planning and doing aggressive war is the highest supreme crime there is on earth for it unleashes all other crimes big and small throughout the web of life.