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help rebroadcast Radio Veneuzuela En Vivo

Help Radio Venezuela En Vivo by hosting their stream so they can carry to a lot more internet users. Whatever your opinion on Venezuela, you can hear reports from the street in more than 3 different languages.
Hi Folks,

24- hour broadcast tomorrow, with Radio Venezuelan en Vivo. If you
could please pass the following document on to anyone you think might
be willing and able to support with helping our signal with a relay,
to ensure that everyone wanting to listen in, can, that would be
amazing. This document has been changed, as the ip address changed.
So if you forwarded the first one on, please pass this over, or else
it won`t work. Thanks!

Hola amigos,
manana, transmision de 24 horas con RVV. Si pueden por favor pasar lo
siguiente documento a cualquier que tu piensas que nos puede ayudar
nuestro senal con un relay, para asegurar que cualquier que quiere
escuchar puede, seria increible. Este documento se ha cambiado,
porque se cambio el IP. Entonces si enviaste la primera, por favor
pasa esta, o no funcionara. Gracias!


Radio Venezuela en Vivo
Relay Broadcast Directions

Help us to broadcast RVV to as many people as possible!

We are working without many resources. As a result, we need your help! In order to ensure that we do not overload our server with too many listeners, we are looking for people to relay our broadcast to the world and up our total numbers of potential listeners.

Are you willing to pitch in?

Simply follow the instructions below to quickly install and configure the necessary programs, and you can help us directly transmit live and in various languages, the on-the-ground reality from Venezuela's Constitutional Reform Rerendum. All you need to do is download the following programs, install them on your computer and change the couple of lines as written below.

How to relay our broadcast?

Follow the next steps:


Visit the following page and download the version of Shoutcast server for your computer...


or if you use PC, you can download from the following link directly,

 http://www.shoutcast.com/downloads/sc1-9-8/shoutcast-dnas-1-9-8-windows.exe ).

2. Install the downloaded program

3. Open the file, Start->Programs->SHOUTcast DNAS->Edit SHOUTcast configuration
and open the file C:\Program Files\SHOUTcast\sc_serv.ini

4. Edit the following three lines from that file:

where it says, MaxUser= add 1000,
it should now look like the following
(This is in line 21 for PC users)

where the following appears,
erase the semicolons (Uncomment them) and write the IP address,, where it said,
(These are lines 88 & 89 for PC users, they should now look like the following)

5. Double click the server to start, and you are up and running

(Execute the Server Start->Programs->SHOUTcast DNAS->SHOUTcast DNAS (GUI))

If everything has been successful, the following message will appear:

[main] client main thread starting
[source] relay host gave success (ICY 200 OK)
[source] relay from established.
icy-pub:1 ; icy-br:56 ; icy-url:  http://radiovenezuelaenvivo.blogspot.com
[yp_add] yp.shoutcast.com added me successfully
[active] 0 listeners (0 unique)

If you were not successful, go back and repeat the steps again,
or go to the troubleshooting section of this script.
For any other problems, email  radiovenezuelanelvivo@gmail.com

homepage: homepage: http://radiovenezuelaenvivo.blogspot.com/