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Third World Warriors fight US wars - for dollars a day

With US forces stretched thin in Iraq, private security companies have swept in to fill the foid. But abuses of third-world security forces abounnd. In many cases, those helping to fight our wars can't even cross our borders.
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Mercenaries getting screwed, GOOD! 02.Dec.2007 22:01


I read the article. It is written from a pro military stand point. The poor Honduran soldier with 30 years experience getting a bad deal in Iraq. AW, boo hoo. Not as bad a deal as the million Iraqi civilians who have died from the war. There were also a few hundred thousand dead Hondurans during the Reagan years, when our "hero" was a Honduran military officer.

The Hessian mercenaries who fought against George Washington's troops were cheated by Wilhelm of Hesse. Then, Baron Rothschild swindled Wilhelm. That began the Rothschild Bank. No honor among thieves.