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Introducing Bike Farm

Bike farm opens it's doors this weekend. Come on over and check it out.
The Bicycle Farm is a non-profit learning space run by volunteers who believe that bicycles are an ideal (and fun!) mode of transportation. Our mission is to promote the bicycle as a fun, safe, and accessible form of transportation, to foster healthy urban communities, and to provide a welcoming space to learn about building maintaining, and riding bicycles.

The Bike Farm is entirely volunteer-based, with core members and volunteers, both of whom can earn privileges based on time and commitment.

Membership entitles you to full use of shop space and a professional set of tools with the assistance of a mechanic DURING OPEN HOURS.

Drop-in rate: $5.00 per hour (no membership required and no one will be turned away due to lack of funds)
Month Membership: $20.00
Year Membership: $50.00
Lifetime Membership: $100.00

The space will be purely run on funds and donations. We hope to get a few larger grants to help pay rent for the space in the beginning until its able to sustain itself on selling used parts. We're accepting donations and if you want to donate inquire at  bikefarm@gmail.com. The Shop will be open starting Saturday Dec 1! Hours of operation will be Sat-Sun 12-4pm and Mon 4-8pm.

Shop Hours
Open Sat. December 1st!
Hours of operation will be Sat-Sun 12-4pm
Mon 4-8pm.

We are located on NE 13th ave at Roselawn. Small garage attached to the side of the house on the NE corner of 13th and Roselawn. Please come by and check us out soon! We will be having a open house next saturday the 8th from 12 to 4.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bikefarm.org/
address: address: NE 13th and Roselawn

Yeaaa! Raaa! 02.Dec.2007 05:44


This is GRRREAT!- Reminds me of the Bike Church in Santa Cruz. When we arrived there after Fall Creek years ago, hungry, cold, broke, they GAVE me a bicycle (already greased-up & gone-over) to get a job & get around with, which i paid for later, gave away & then bought 2 much better bikes & trailers which we eventually rode back here to Eugene just in time to block the road ( and the deFORESTation $ERVICE's plans) once again. Now that's REAL community @ work ( All wonderful words nonwithstanding), with the powerfully positive consequences which come about from it being there, from us ACTUALLY looking out for one-another, not just talking & talking & talking about it. You guys rock!!! Eugene could re-learn a thing or two from you.