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Who edits Indymedia?

How does IMC work?
Is it open publishing?
I'm new to the internet and IMC and wonder how it works.
Who decides what stories and what commments get published?
I have seen an article dissapear after a few days, and seen some comments dissapear as well.
Could anyone explain this to me?

pdx imc 30.Nov.2007 16:31

indydrone #1337

is monitered by a group of dedicated volunteers.


That's our editorial policy, and while sometimes there's a discrepency over what plays into that, we generally try to do what's best for the site. Above all, people need to keep in mind that we're doing our best to keep indymedia a functional news site. That's the goal of this site, to provide news to those groups left out by the corporate media.

Also, regarding compost 30.Nov.2007 21:44


Sometimes, articles are placed into the compost heap. Mostly, these are articles that violate editorial policy in some way, are corporate media reposts, or are otherwise not appropriate for the main page of the site. Some people freak out when their article winds up there. No need to fear: Being composted is nothing personal. It is simply a way to manage the site, keeping the noise down. If your article was composted, you have not been "censored" (as some people seem to fear, judging by the mail that volunteers get). Technically, a website cannot censor you, only a government can. But more to the point, your article is still fully accessible when it is in the compost heap. It's simply not taking up scarce room on the main page. If this were a newspaper, the compost bin would be the back page, rather than the front page. Not everything can fit on the front page, right?

Some of the most common reasons for an article being composted:

1. Corporate repost. Indymedia is a place for real stories to be told in real voices. Think your own thoughts, tell your own stories. If people wanted to be reading a corporate media post, they would be on a corporate site. People who come to Indy do so because they know that the corporate media is poison. The lies, distortions, and manipulations in the corporate media are intentional and pervasive. Readers of this site generally don't want to be exposed to that poison. Also, there are plenty of places to hear the corporate media's spin. It is simply not appropriate to use this scarce community resource to perpetuate that spin. Indymedia is a place to use your own voice, not a place to repost things from the corporate media.

2. Mindless flame bait. You know what this is, and if your piece was composted for this, you probably already know why.

3. Disinformation/misinformation. Things that are intentionally false, or are obviously misleading are often composted. Especially dangerous nonsense, like when cops post shit about using fiberglass insulation to make pepper-spray armor. (That was not only misleading, it was dangerous and, if I may say so, morally bankrupt to post to the site.) (So don't try that at home.) :-)

4. Ads. Indymedia is commercial-free. Capitalism sux.

There are other reasons that things are sometimes composted, but I think these tend to be the main reasons why volunteers compost articles. If you think something has been composted that shouldn't be, you can always email volunteers to ask about it. (Hint: IMC volunteers are nice people giving their time and resources to the community to keep this site going. Please keep that in mind when you write. I, for one, am disinclined to take the time to look into a concern when it is prefaced with nasty diatribes about how "you people are cointelpro asses who are censoring my fabulous, fabulous repost and I'm going to contact the feds about you!")(But maybe that's just me.)

The main thing is just to try not to take it personally if something you posted wound up in the compost bin. Just try to figure out why it went there, and move forward. If you can't figure out why it was composted, send an email. And either way, don't be afraid to post again. No one is out to get you.

question everything 01.Dec.2007 04:06


well indy like all media should be read with critical thinking skills, but with the closing of American culture I would be very careful with all information. I love indy media and like all good journalism it should be posted (remember we are the reporters) with sources cited or as comments. Beware of "flammer" and those from the Corporatists who will try to pose as open thinkers and actually be set on closing society.

Yeah 01.Dec.2007 11:03


"Beware of "flammer" and those from the Corporatists who will try to pose as open thinkers and actually be set on closing society."

Yeah. Like all those articles suddenly showing up dissing Chavez and supporting the claim that it's the people of Venezuela, and not the CIA, who are against him....