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A Police Provocateur's Dream, HR 1955 & S.1959

"The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act"
Rep. Jane Harman's "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act" is not written exactly like the Nazi 1933 Discriminatory Decrees that suspended the Reich Constitution, but it can bring America to the same place by trashing America's civil liberties. Harman's bill has the potential of driving lawful political and other activists underground into American cell groups. Perhaps expectantly creating the domestic terrorists the Bush Administration has said we need to be protected from.

The Nazis were dead serious when they outlawed specific types of dancing, singing, artwork; any act of expression the Government said "might" cause public unrest in the German State. German Citizens got arrested for dancing the Jitterbug. On February 28, 1933 Hitler signed the Discriminatory Decrees banning free association and speech that might cause public disturbance or adversely affect the peace and security of the German State—according to police. Rep. Jane Harman's "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act" when closely examined, defines "homegrown terrorism" as "any planned act" that might use force to coerce the U.S. Government or its people to promote or accomplish a "political or social objective." No actual force need occur. Government need only charge that an individual or group thought about doing it.

The Harman bill may extend to "planned acts" in America against foreign governments that are "U.S. alleys." See "planned acts" covered under Patriot Act. Under the Harman bill, environmental organizations in America are at risk when they coordinate activities with or support foreign activist groups in some countries. American environmental organizations can't control what might happen overseas at a "planned" environmental demonstration or control the "planned acts" of foreign activists they network with.

Under the broad language of the Harman bill, anyone attending a "planned anti war rally" could be charged with trying to coerce a government and its people. Government need only charge that an individual in a group "thought about coercing a government or its people." Labor demonstrators that block or intimidate shoppers from entering a store could be charged with "coercing people" under Harman's "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act." The Nazi's used similar provisions found in the Harman bill to charge labor leaders as communists.

Under the Harman bill, should violence breakout at a "planned" demonstration, the government can charge that everyone attending was "ideologically based toward violence." The individual activists who set up web sites promoting their "planned activities", wrote, emailed or handed out "flyers" promoting "that planned" demonstration could also be charged with Violent Radicalization or Homegrown Terrorism, depending on the violence that occurred at the demonstration. It is foreseeable that "information flyers" not intended by the author to be distributed at a particular event but were somehow distributed, could under the Harman bill open the door for government to charge the author with promoting "Violent Radicalization and/or Homegrown Terrorism, if that subsequently results. Such concerns by writers will crush free speech and written dissent.

The broad language of the Harman bill gives the government the power to bully and charge Americans with terrorism when Citizens exercise their Constitutional Right to Association. Lawful Americans that attend public meetings, demonstrations and other group public events should not be charged with Violent Radicalization, Homegrown Terrorism, or labeled "ideologically based toward violence" because of what another person said or did at a "planned" meeting. Of course, under such circumstances millions of Americans would become afraid to support or attend political and other public meetings out of concern someone might do something that violates Rep. Harman's "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act." Attendance by an American at a "political or environmentalist' meeting" could put a U.S. Citizen on the government's "no fly list."

Should the Jane Harman bill pass in its present form, the U.S. Government, federal and state police will have no difficulty legally terminating American Citizens and activist organizations that exercise their Constitutional Right to free association, free speech, expression, assembly and writings. Once the Harman bill passes, Police Provocateurs can easily destroy any anti-war group, person or organization that supports or attends a "planned" meeting or demonstration. Police Provocateurs need only join a crowd of protestors at a demonstration, then throw rocks toward uniformed police to criminalize an entire demonstration. Or covertly contact a group's participants before, at or after a "planned" demonstration, then lie and claim the person(s) the Provocateur spoke with were ideologically bent toward violence; "Violent Radicalization; or Homegrown Terrorism.

Uneducated police provocateurs and informants, which there are many, are more apt to misinterpret intellectual discussion at a political meeting as being ideologically bent toward violence, "Violent Radicalization or Homegrown Terrorism.

well written, Ross 29.Nov.2007 18:40


this is not a repost? what a coup for PIM!

here we go again 30.Nov.2007 12:24


this kind of fear-based intimidation and justification should come in handy for the state as the '08 republican national convention approaches.

i wonder if the panel and university think tanks that are supposed to study the causes of 'homegrown terrorism' will ever get it that bullshit like this bill is fanning the flames of 'violent radicalization?'

more editorializing at commondreams dot org today from oregon's own jules boykoff...

WHAT THE HELL ? 30.Nov.2007 16:05

b t s

there were over 1000 signatures on the petition as of yesterday , now there are only 31 ..?!!!!!!!

The Ballad of Jane Harman 01.Dec.2007 05:33

Sam Bluet

The Ballad of Jane Harman There once was a woman named Harman Whose thoughts were most alarmin'. "It's not my thoughts," she said, "It's your thoughts that led "To the laws that we need to control 'em." This sad little woman named Jane Said, "The Constitution's to blame! "If we control people's thoughts, "They'll be like robots "And never cause trouble again!" Well, Jane, you are terribly wrong Due to the culture to which you belong-- The Congress takes bribes The Prez always lies, So the people must dance to your song? Dear Jane, let me stress what you've missed The Amendments were added for EMPHASIS So the people might speak When buffoons crack a cheek And spew gases that reek to High Heaven. http://www.americanbuddhist.net/ballad-jane-harman

Please contact your representatives 02.Dec.2007 06:59

Janice A. Henry tortuga@bellsouth.net

I find this unbelievable that a Democrat would be, it seems, coerced into a authoring such a bill as HR 1955 & S.1959. What is she thinking? All she has to do is step out of line herself and find that she, too is a victim of her own bill. Please Americans, WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

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