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Hi, Earl---Lone Vet Report

No Accountablility---No Support
We will resume our vigil/protest outside of Rep. Blumenauer's office tomorrow at high noon, our message for December will be, "Peace on Earth and good will to all people"

Date: 11/29/07
Place: 729 Oregon St.
Time: 1200-1400

Bring a sign and a sense of humor in Molly's name---Santa says: I will come and hold a sign that says:




For Justice and Peace
Joe--Lone Vet

homepage: homepage: http://www.impeach-nw.com

Earl the pearl's new web site 28.Nov.2007 15:42

Hu Boi

Earl is asking for input for his new web site. Got any pearls of wisdom to pass on the Earl man?  http://blumenauer.congressnewsletter.net/mail/util.cfm?gpiv=1999924651.55910.449&gen=1