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Read this if You're in Washington County!

Most members of the Washington County Board of Commissioners have repeatedly refused to respond to citizens' calls for reductions in global warming pollutants. The Board is ignoring citizen voices, and turning its back on the most important issue of our time.
County Administrative Building
County Administrative Building
Only one Washington County commissioner, Dick Schouten, responds to the emails I send him - the others ignore me. Other people I've talked to, also trying to get in touch with the Board, report a similar problem. The message these politicians are sending about themselves is that they do not care what their constituents want or think. Again and again I've asked them to consider passing the US Cool Counties Climate Stabilization Declaration, and commiting to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions - but it's like yelling into a black hole. It's time for these people to be reminded that the opinions of those they are supposed to represent DO matter. If you live in Washington County, please help me wake up the Board by signing an on-line petition asking them to pass the Cool Counties Declaration. We'll keep gathering signatures until they CAN'T ignore this request any longer. Sign the petition at  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/cool-washington-county


homepage: homepage: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/cool-washington-county

Washco *tm* 28.Nov.2007 13:00


Washington county is the vast wasteland of SUVs, mini and megamalls and sprawl uber alles so what do you expect? The politicians' constituency is Intel and landrapers. Lalala we're not listening....