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Eric McDavid Update - 11.27.07

Eric finally received blood work and a visit from the cardiologist...
Dear friends,

On Sunday we learned that the cardiologist finally made it in to visit Eric. Thank you to everyone who's calls and emails were an integral part in making this happen. The doctor examined Eric and determined that he "very likely" had a case of pericarditis in the spring. As of right now, everything looks and sounds healthy with his heart. The doctor told him which medications he should request if the pericarditis comes back, and told him that if the jail refuses to provide these medications that he should request to be taken to UCD Medical Center. Eric has finally received the tests/examinations that he has been waiting for since last April, but he has not yet been allowed to review the results.

Yesterday (Monday) Eric called to tell us that they took him down to the doctor to "officially" end his hunger strike. They also finally drew his blood to run tests. Now that Eric is eating and his heart condition seems to have passed (for now), it seems likely that the blood tests might serve only to absolve the jail of any responsibility for his previous conditions. However, if they test for the right things, they might be helpful in proving that Eric is in dire need of vegan food, as he is most certainly not getting the nutrition his body requires.

Please continue calling the jail and demanding that Eric be given vegan food and that they allow him to review his medical records.

Make sure you have Eric's x-reference number handy in case they ask for it (x-ref 2972521):

Jail phone numbers: 916-874-6752 or 916-874-6905
Chief Deputy, Corrections & Court Services 916-874-5686

Captain Scott Jones: 916-874-5428 (This is the direct line for the jail commander and it may only be answered during business hours)

You can also request to speak with Jail Operations Commander Douglas, as he is allegedly the person who will probably make the final decision about Eric's food.

Thank you all for your continued support!


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