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Where can I buy a good Futon?

Question about futons
A friend of mine wants to buy a new futon. She thinks the only source is in Vancouver, but I told her I thought there were several good places here in Portland. I do know about Cotton Cloud, but does anyone else have suggestions? I like to encourage local purchases. Thanks in advance for any information.

I know it's still in beta but... 27.Nov.2007 18:37


You might want to try searching for "futons" at  http://lokiloka.com/portland. It's a guide to locally owned small scale businesses with a nice interface.

Thanks 28.Nov.2007 07:08


Thanks for the good information. I went to that LokiLoka site and found it very interesting. I will be sharing this information, so keep up the great work!

Watch out for rainforest woods in futons 28.Nov.2007 13:14

Rainforest Relief j.lockwood@rainforestrelief.org

Rock Soft Futons has pledged to never use tropical woods, which are destructively harvested from rainforests, in its futons. Beware - other companies often use woods from South American, Asian or African rainforests, so beware. Email us for info on specific woods, or see below web page.