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What is Stumptown EF doing benefits for???

There are a lot of benefits that have gone on for groups in Portland that are not very clear about where funds are going, accountability, or what they are working on.
This is probably going to piss people off, but somebody has to do it.

I see that stumptown EF is doing benefits again. Personally I think they should drop the EF name since my mom could say she is Stumptown EF and do a benefit apparently.

When a group is doing a benefit shouldn't they be clear or atleast general idea about what they are doing with the money we are giving them? I think IzVillage is a perfect example of what bad can happen with groups with no accountability or transparency.

Last I heard Stumptown EF was raising money to do what? Buy a pirate ship in their own words! What kind of fairy tale lifestyle benefit is that, why not just use your labor aka work more like some of have too? I find it really troubling that recent Stumptown EF seems to do benefits then disappear for months only to come back asking for more money to do what? Buy a pirate ship, wonder how much a pirate ship costs.

Can we please get some accountability and vision. I'm tired of giving money to groups and feeling like it's just funding their lifestyle.

fighting the fights that matter 27.Nov.2007 16:22


Stumptown is working like hell to fight big, bad energy projects in Oregon. They are actively involved in the fight to block the next huge fossil fuel addiction for the West Coast - namely, liquefied natural gas (LNG).
Stumptown is holding benefits to support direct action in the effort to stand beside rural Oregonians who are trying to forestall a huge infrastructural mistake by the State of Oregon. Their recent benefit was a positive and informative event (thanks, Riotfolk), and people involved with Stumptown EF! have gone out of their way to build relationships with local activists fighting coal, LNG, and other terrible energy ideas in the NW.
This is just one of many areas that Stumptown is probably addressing, but I had to bring it up because the energy that they've infused into the LNG fight has been very meaningful and inspiring to local activists.