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Going Feral Desertphile Speaks About Civilization

It's a good life if it doesn't kill you
Going Feral Part 5
Going Feral Part 5
Going Feral - Desertphile Speaks About Civilization

You gotta be crazy to live 30 months in a cave in the burning Mojave Desert! Teetering on the edge of starvation, long since past the edge of dehydration, heat stroke, and sunburn, living in a hole in the dirt in a very inhospitable (to humans, any way) place on Earth for 30 months means you're crazy, right?

Well, Desertphile contends that you have got to be crazy not to - and I couldn't agree with him more. I mean look at your filthy, stinking, crime-filled cities crammed packed with your cars, cops, politicians, Britney Speirs and lawyers.

Jesus Fucking H. Christ, far better to live like a free human out in the burning, dust-choked wild than live like some insensate meaty cog in some corporate fascist mill. And when you die out in the wild, you die like a human, on your knees struck down by Sun, flood, coyote, or kit fox - rather than suffer the indignities of the slow death that city life has to offer, on your knees, lips firmly locked on to the throbbing penis of the corporate monster you're forced to work (and suck!) for.

To be sure civilization has much to offer: medicine for the infections one gets from badly treated snake bites, splints for one's broken or shattered leg bones, French fries from that god damned Taco Bell in Baker, California where you always - ALWAYS! - end up slugging some moron's face in the men's bathroom.

But civilization can only be tolerated in small doses, damn it, and if I had the opportunity, I'd light out for the godless, humanless, strifeless territories as well. Haul out Stephen King books for company, and FUCK your civilization.

Edward Abbey never died, by the way. He went feral.

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