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Call to Crafters !

Sell your stuff, help us out at our 2nd annual pancake breakfast. Its a benefit, for us, but hopefully it will be mutual aid, something this world is sorely lacking. Help keep Laughing Horse, your collectivly run, NOT for profit, FOR the people radical bookstore and community resource.
We did this last year and it was really good. Its gonna be at Liberty hall December 9th from 10 to 2ish. Vegan sausage and pancakes and coffe yum yums. We are looking for artisans and crafters to sell their wares . . .painters, bookbinders, knitting, crochet, patches, pipes, photos, clothes, boxes, socks, homemade cupcakes, etc anything made with love. We will ask for a small percentage of your sales, but you can have some free breakfst. :)Contact jessi with questions and to confirm. Email:  jeffecan@yahoo.com
phone (503)789-8700

address: address: 12 NE 10th ave