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Four women have been given 3 and a half to 11 years in prison for defending themselves from a violent man in NYC.
In the summer of 2006, seven friends were walking through the Village in NYC. A man selling DVD's on the street began sexually harassing them- it started verbally, he followed them, spit on them, trew a cigarette at them, touched one of them on the ass, and jumped one of the women and began to strangle her. Three of the women reacted, one used a very small pocket knife to stoop him from killing her friend, two anonymous men who saw the incident got involved and them fled. All of it was filmed on a surveillence camera. The man is free, the women have been given 3 and a half to 11 years in jail!! Some of them are mothers. This proves that no woman is safe on the street, we do not have the right to defend ourselves, our bodies belong to Men and to the State.
Please sign the online petition at : www.petitiononline.com/theseven/.
I have not heard coverage of this case anywhere, including DemocracyNow! and Pacifica. Help me in writing to them and asking them to cover it.
None of us are free until all of us are free.

This is outrageous.... 27.Nov.2007 16:28

Joe S.

I can not believe this.
Things are sliding backward fast.
We need to raise money for the women's defense!
And have a highlighted story on every progressive website in the country!
Do not let these women rot in jail.