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UK: Police taser man in diabetic coma twice

Nicolas Gaubert of Leeds copped a shock when trigger-happy armed police tasered him for being asleep on the bus. Although the incident happened in 2005 (just a week before the shooting of innocent Jean Charles de
Menezes by London police), Nic didn't speak out 'til now as he was naively expecting
officers to be charged over the incident. He was later left handcuffed in a severe state by police depsite hospital staffs pleas.
On his way to meet friends, Nic a very white bar owner slipped into a diabetic coma and
arrived at the bus depot still clutching his rucksack. Despite the fact
that he was alone on an empty bus, terror police - who later attempted
to justify their response by saying that they thought he 'looked
Egyptian' - hit him twice with 50,000 volts for failing to respond to
their questions. Nick still lives in terror after the incident, regarding himself lucky he wasnt shot by the officers who also had guns on his head at the time.
Nick explained "it was obvious I was no bomber, why didnt I let the bomb off when bus was crowded instead of going into a coma & being found in a empty depot?"

Tasers have been reported to leave burns as well as voltage therefore officers acted suicidally almost & if they had shot him it just a week before de menzes it would probably had led to riots in Leeds & London, plus other major cities, deservedly for the authorities you could argue.

Police need to ignore the fear, look at the facts of whats happening & defend communities not terrorise them themselves. The officers in this case need publicly reprimanding at the least.
if the authorities dont do it themselves the communities they police may feel forced to.

Lets all reprimand people like the Bush Family & other corporate oligarchs whoes powerhungry cultivation of terrorist groups & regimes has led to this situation & get true democracy

As an anarchist I believe like the earliest anarchists thinkers like Pierre Proudhon &Godwin that non compulsory government is far more effective in creating a peaceful happy society & community involvement in justice is necessary without being warped by corporate media & politicians who create wars & famine that kill millions.
The state would be a minimum & trusted, assessed& delegated people would still operate in rewardeds role similar to policing etc where necessary. Though without politicians & corporations the policing would be a pleasure for good people, rather than joy ride for physcos as it often becomes in todays system. Obviously any really dangerous people would be restrained, but where we could educate & hopefully heal them, not put them instutions that increase their hatred & or increase their criminal knowledge