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Police station attacked in France

A police station in Paris has been attacked by angry youths with petrol bombs after two teenagers will killed when hit by a police car. Guns were used in the attack against the Sarcelles police station in the suburbs in northern part of Paris and at least one senior police officer seriously injured. Cars were also torched and police had to call in reinforcements from other parts of the city to secure the police station.
The attack occured a few hours after two teenagers on a moped were killed in a collision with a police patrol car in the town of Villiers-le-Bel. Rumors have been circulating that officers in the patrol car were responsible for the deaths. Some reports indicate that the police claim that the two were riding a stolen moped without helmets.

This incident oocures in the context of national mobilsations by french civil movements over the last few weeks and ongoing clashes between strikers and police around France,

pic: riots after the death of 2 teenagers 26.Nov.2007 02:40

mr y

source: yahoo news germany
source: yahoo news germany

more pics of the riots 26.Nov.2007 05:45



Needs to happen here 26.Nov.2007 14:58


Folks, why do we always have to wait for the French to lead us? The cops in this country are out of hand. No one burned down the Sandy Police Department, after Bergin murdered Fouad Kaady in cold blood. No one burned down Portland over the dozens of innocents they have killed, most recently egregiously, Jim Chasse. We, as Americans, are too conditioned to believe that these thugs are heroes, worthy of the praise the press lavishes on them. Get over it. They are killers.

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