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Bad year for cops? Aww...

According to the merchants of information the corporation finds acceptable for the masses, this has been a very bad year for cops. They are being killed in record numbers, despite their hi tech tools, less lethal weapons, and far superior trauma medicine. They do not understand why. Do you?
When you look at the obvious disregard for their mission that most officers are displaying, their absolute disregard for the constitution, or even humanity at large, is it any wonder that humanity is fighting back? They act as if they think that they are the only ones who are armed. Guess what, coppers? You keep killing us in huge numbers, and the war continues. You have made it very clear that you plan to shoot at will, so Will is shooting back, and sometimes he is better at it than you are.

When you learn to act like you work for us, maybe we will start caring what happens to you. Until then, you better be faster on the draw than us, or just damned lucky. There ARE more of us than there are of you, even if you are better armed and armored.

Question? 25.Nov.2007 20:29


Are you sure your name isn't Tom Alciere?