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Japan's Sickening Whale Hunt

Japan's disgusting whalers are on their way to kill again.
Japan's newest cowardly ignorant venal whaling expedition is on its way, to hunt down & kill sentient beautiful ocean citizens, simply to feed spoiled Japanese appetites. There is NO other purpose.

And this year the hunt will include humpbacks.

I've called Japan's embassy to complain. It's a futile act, but Japan must be told how hateful is this hunt: 202-238-6700.

Greenpeace is sending M/S Esperanza. I'll send as much money as i can currently afford to support the fight. Please help. Call, contribute, & please boycott everything commercial from Japan.

Imagine the terror, the pain, & the deaths felt by amazing magical whales. Then get angry, ... & act!

Yes. Boycott Japan 19.Nov.2007 19:24

Videoista #2413

I am boycotting all Japanese products, and telling them why. It's not easy, given that I'm a filmmaker whose cameras and tapes all come from Japan. But I'm serious about this. An economic boycott can be a powerful weapon. (Not so powerful as guns, but powerful just the same.) Economic boycotts against corporations benefiting from apartheid in South Africa were immensely important in dismantling apartheid. They do work.

If you want to do something effective to save a dolphin or a whale, and you're not ready to pick up a gun, then do this. Stop buying absolutely anything from Japan, and then write to every Japanese company you would otherwise have spent money with, and tell them that you are not buying until they use their corporate might to make the Japanese government stop allowing the brutalization of whales and dolphins. If enough of us do this, it will work. And given the number of people who care about this issue, I think enough of us can and will do this.

Given that this is the "holiday season," when every company is obsessively watching their bottom line and calculating their profits, you can make a huge impact right now. Before buying any electronic gadgets, any dvds, any cameras, any tapes, any dvd players, any video games, any tv sets... anything... check to see where it is made. If it's made in Japan, find an alternative. You CAN make a difference.

Hint: Sony is a Japanese company, who should hear what you think about the whales. Besides the cameras and tapes, they also make tv sets and other electronics, cds, and they have a video arm, Sony Pictures, that distributes films and videos. Before buying a dvd or going to see a film in theaters, make sure it's not a Sony Pictures film.

(And yes, buying nothing at all is always good. But if you must buy, do not buy from Japan.)