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support the raytheon 9

the trial of the raytheon 9 begins on monday november 19th in derry, ireland. solidarity!
What do y'all think of this target and action? here's their website: www.raytheon9.org Here's their statement: On Wednesday 9 August 2006, nine anti-war protestors, including the civil rights activist and campaigning journalist Eamonn McCann, occupied and closed down the offices of Raytheon at Springtown in Derry, during a protest organised by the Derry Anti-War Coalition. We are writing to ask for your support in their defence campaign. The action on 9 August was part of a wider protest on the day at the presence of Raytheon, the fifth biggest arms manufacturer in the world, and their complicity in the murderous Israeli bombardment of Lebanon and the on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was, for instance, a Raytheon Guided Bomb Unit which was used in the atrocity in Qana. Raytheon set up their office in Derry in 1999. Their arrival was announced by John Hume and David Trimble, shortly after collecting their Nobel Peace Prizes. For seven years Raytheon's presence in Derry has been opposed, with regular vigils, public meetings and debates, marches and appeals to local politicians. The campaign succeeded in getting a motion passed by Derry City Council saying that Raytheon's welcome would be withdrawn if they were found to be involved in anything other than civilian projects. Raytheon have consistently refused to respond to any enquiries about the nature of their work in Derry. We do know, however, that one of the contracts they were working on is the software for the Airborne Stand-off Radar System (ASTOR) for the British Ministry of Defence. This is a missile guidance system. The Derry Anti-War Coalition believes that it was legally and morally justified to engage in non-violent direct action to highlight Raytheon's role as war profiteers and to call for the closure of its offices in Derry. Derry Anti War Coalition is affiliated to the Irish Anti-War Movement and the Stop the War Coalition in Britain, and sees this action as an extension of the mass protests against war which we have helped organise, and have participated in, over recent years. The nine were charged with unlawful assembly and aggravated burglary, which are scheduled offences under the Terrorism Act. This means the case will be heard before a non-jury Diplock court - unless the charges are reduced. If they are not, all nine protestors could face lengthy jail sentences. They were held in custody for two days and released under very stringent bail conditions. We believe these charges to be unwarranted. No-one was threatened or injured during the occupation. A defence campaign has been established and are asking for your public support. We would greatly appreciate it if you signed the enclosed statement of support. We aim to publish this as an open letter in the local and international press. We are also raising a defence fund, to help with the costs of the court case and to arrange for the appearance of international witnesses to testify in our defence about the war crimes in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan and Raytheon's role in them. We would welcome any contribution you might be able to make. Please make cheques payable to Derry Anti-War Coalition, or make donations directly to: Derry Anti-War Coalition account number: 00178353 sort code: 11 - 09 - 68 Halifax Building Society, Derry, N Ireland.