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My Thanksgiving Fast

This Thanksgiving I am going to fast instead of feast.
hachita nm, 2002
hachita nm, 2002
And I am going to pray.

First, I am going to pray for forgiveness from the few Native Americans that
are left, and I am going to pray for the release of Leonard Peltier. I am
going to pray for the return of the Great Spirit, and I will pray too that
the world at large begins to see the difference between the Great Spirit,
and the cult of death and greed which has control and sway over reality
right now. I will pray for the demise of all idols, particularly idols
which embody torture, death, and human suffering.

Also, I am going to pray for all the misguided Americans who have hired the
devil to do Gods work, as if salvation were just a job to be accomplished
with a few tricks of the trade by unworthy craftsmen. I will pray for those
Americans who would reintroduce lords and kings into American affairs, via
the intellectual slum which is their so-called religion, the same religion
being used by the traitors in upper government to finance war, hate, lies,
AND an overt invasion of their type from the south. An invasion which has
already happened in fact, and simply needs legalization to succeed totally.

I am going to try to remember the days of my childhood, when generosity was
good, and not something to be hidden from sight as if it were a sin. When
our leaders did not begrudge every mouthful of food, or every drink of
water, because that is their tool of control.

I am going to try to remember when men and women talked to one another,
instead of listening into each others phone conversations, or installing
cameras to watch their neighbors as if it was some reality tv show. I am
going to try to remember being told that if I worked hard I would be paid
fairly. I am going to think about the days I have experienced vicariously,
through books, where Americans were not taxed unto death, in order to
finance horror and evil on the other side of the world, so that horror and
evil and greed could thereby grow and become strong, to infect the rest of
the world like some nasty germ, with paper money swindles and debt making.
This is nothing less than the utter destruction of the world, one economy at
a time.

I am going to try to remember what it was like without chemtrails in the sky
every day, and I am also going to try to find a place where I do not have to
look at any of the huge broadcast antennae which some say are actually law
enforcement, to help the unbelievers accept their new Lord a little better.
I am also going to avoid or ignore the haze that hangs over my world like
some filthy miasma, a haze created by the madmen in this present
administration, which makes their broadcast weapons and other coercions work
better, alongwith damaging the environment so thoroughly we will always be
dependent on them for food and water, from now on.

I am going to go somewhere where I do not have to listen to anything in

To tell the whole truth, on this coming Thursday, on my Thanksgiving fast,
what I'll be doing most, will be practicing, practicing for a future of
horror and hunger, where America has become a mirror of the land from whence
its conquerors derive, and from which they have used us to promote their
foul imperialism and lying shysterism, again. I am going to try to remember
what it means to think clearly, and also what it means to forget about the
paper money and how hard it has become to satisfy the foreign bankers who
have somehow enslaved us all.

And I am going to plan, yes, I am going to plan many things. I am going to
plan my next exit from this hell, and I assure you it will not be with a
whimper and the turn of the tv switch.

I am going to think about the one honest politician in America, Ron Paul,
and I am going to wish him well, and give thanks that there is at least one
man in America in the position to turn things around, no matter the odds,
AND with the courage to try.