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40 police cars Eastbound on Interstate 84 10:30PM

40 police cars were Eastbound on Interstate 84 10:30PM. Their overhead red/blue lights were on. There was a clump of them 25, all together, and then about another 15 followed in groups of 1, 3, 5 etc. I'd say a min of 40 and max of 55 cars.


Where could I find an answer?

I searched the media this morning.

Another Krispy Kreme Opening? 18.Nov.2007 11:35

Justin Case

Nothing anywhere on the wire about a Pastry Shop grand opening, so...

It was PM, Eastbound I 84 near Gresham 19.Nov.2007 21:24


It was PM. Sunday about 10:30 PM 2007-11-17 November 17th....

I work 8AM to 5PM and I have not been able to call the Portland Police to get any information. I don't want to call the 911 number, nor non emergency.

There were so many police cars. It seemed extremely strange. Why would there be one big clump and then smaller groups following. How could there be that many on duty cops in the entire city? Which brings up a good question, at any given time, how many police cars are out on the street in Portland? It seems like they left Portland unguarded.

40-60 cars is a lot of overtime. When did they come back to Portland?

This did not look like an escort for a diplomat. If so was he/she going out to see the waterfalls?

If there was a valid reason, why was it not on any media websites or papers?