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Will Santa come to help-Lone Vet Report

leaving the dems
To Stay or Leave the Democratic Party

From time to time I am asked why I stay in the Democratic Party, sometimes when I am standing on my little balcony I ponder the same question. What I have come up with is this; I will leave after the 2008 election because I want to do two things before making a grand Irish exit.

I want to cast my vote in the primary for Steve Novick and I want to write in my own name when it comes to voting for the candidate from the Third District held by Blumenauer.

Steve Novick has come out for the impeachment of Dick and his puppet george and he won me over just on that issue. He is a guy who will raise hell in the Senate and I look forward to watching that happen. He will vote on issues as if I was voting, he wants most of the things I do, peace and accountability. To leave the dems now would deprive me of casting that vote. The second reason I want to stay is to write in my own name or cast my vote for the challenger to Blumenauer, again in the primary. If someone steps up and challenges the Earl-man in the primary they will get my vote if they make a statement calling for the impeachment of the war criminals. If I cannot find a person who I can support, then I will write my own name in and bring down the percentage of votes for Blumenauer. I want to hold accountable those who planned and executed this war-occupation and now genocide against the people of Iraq. To leave now would stop me from doing these two things.

I feel ashamed to be an American because of the Cheney/bush gang of monsters, now I feel disgust because of the leadership of the Democratic Party and our representative. I'm sad on my little balcony from time to time, but I do have my memories of Molly, she keeps me sane and makes me laugh from wherever she is now. So for you who tell me I must leave the dems or be considered a supporter of their cowardice, enabling them to continue in power, or that I am just foolish---I say, join me in the streets or in jail and we will talk!

For Justice and Peace,
Lone Vet
Portland, Oregon

P.S. Received a message that Santa Claus wants to come and join our protest sometime in December, will keep you informed on this in the coming weeks! This could be good.

homepage: homepage: http://www.impeach-nw.com

Joe Anybody will vote, for the Lone Vet 18.Nov.2007 17:11

Ben Waiting iam@joe-anybody.com

When my cousin shot himself in the head in 2005 while serving in Iraq, while training the Iraq police
He was disgusted with all the corruption, lies, greed, & crooked contractors... he had lost all hope!
We back in the Homeland we are loosing hope as well!!
Let me fucking tell ya!

My cousin Ted Westhusing wrote a letter to his commanding officer, Petraeus, that he would not be dis-honored anymore, he then went to his trailer and took his own life!
 link to zebra3report.tripod.com

No Joke! .....
Recent reports on solider committing suicide are astounding.
Here is a link from last month on USA(today) news:
The numbers suggest the rate in Iraq is above normal. Last year, the military services reported 8 to 9 suicides per every 100,000 solider.
The Army has sent 478 soldiers home from Iraq for mental-health issues. Officials say that in previous wars, many of those cases would have been treated in the war zone. The Army doesn't have enough mental-health resources in Iraq to treat many of the cases.

How serious do things have to get?

How many more will take their lives to escape this madness, while the men who hold the power to stop all this killing right now, just sit idle and refuse to do so, for it might create a circus?
Where is our "humane" (not insane) leadership?
Who will be leading instead of following to steer us out of these criminal way we are now entrenched in?

I want accountability and leadership that works for truth, honesty, and "peace"!

I want one that is dedicated to protect & preserve our constitution

I know the Lone Vet would do that.
Earl Cant -
I want this Iraq war ending "now" with our troops home, as the TOP PRIORITY
Earl Cant -
I want impeachment investigations!
Earl Cant -
Someone needs to hear my cousins cry from the hell that we created in Baghdag.... I hear it!
Earl Cant -
I demand an honest government
Earl cant - ....... but "my vote" (which always used to go to Earl) is nio longer his, for "Earl Cant"
The Lone Vet Can!

Why Did Ted Die For This Illegal War?
Why Did Ted Die For This Illegal War?