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Participate in the Leonard Peltier Holiday Gift Drive
There are many ways to participate! Please see below for the various ways and means you can show your support of this initiative from Leonard Peltier!
  1. Buy something from our Toys R Us gift registry! We have pre-selected many age-appropriate toys for your convenience.

    Or go to www.toysrus.com and click on the "Baby Registry" link on the top right. Then in "Find a Registry," search for:
    Last Name: Toys
    First Name: Peltier
    or Registry #: 68170168

  2. Buy something from our Amazon.com wishlist! Warm winter clothes are highly needed! Once again, we have pre-selected some clothes for your convenience. (http://tinyurl.com/2b7joa)

  3. Or just do it yourself! Buy a gift and make sure to send it to the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee address below.

Some things to consider:
Please don't forget about the older children and teenagers as you make your selections.

Warm winter clothes are much needed! However, please be aware of larger sizing needs. We need clothes for children and teenagers, sizes Small to X-X-Large.

Make sure to ship your gifts before December 10th so that they will arrive in Texas in time for the LPDC to transport them to the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota for the holidays.

Whether you utilize our online gift registries and wish lists, or choose to send a gift on your own, please make sure that your new toys, coats, socks, shoes or clothing is sent to the following address:

Leonard Peltier Holiday Gift Drive
3800 N. Mesa # A2
El Paso, Texas 79902
United States


About the Leonard Peltier Holiday Gift Drive

The Lakota People have four values to live by: bravery, wisdom, generosity, and fortitude. Generosity (Wacantognaka) is essential to a Lakota. It is better to give a lot than to have a lot. The best way to honor people is through giveaways (otuhan) where the givers share much of what they have with others, sometimes giving away everything in their possession. Leonard Peltier offers all his supporters an opportunity to give something back and honor the Lakota people. He respectfully requests your help making these holidays a little brighter and this winter a little warmer for the children at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Note: The Leonard Peltier Support Group of New Mexico (LPSG) and the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee will be delivering the gifts to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation by December 24, 2007.

Please click here for Leonard Peltier Holiday Gift Drive Flyer: http://www.leonardpeltier.net/documents/giftdrive2007.pdf

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Leonard Peltier New Mexico Support Group ( LPSG)
Email: info@leonardpeltier.net
Phone: 570-524-0749

For more information on Leonard Peltier, please check www.leonardpeltier.net

All information and links also found here: http://www.supportdaniel.org/morehelp/holiday.html

homepage: homepage: http://www.supportdaniel.org

? 17.Nov.2007 17:37


I'm a little confused. Why is the Leonard Peltier committee asking people to buy shit at Toys R Us and Amazon.com??? Can we make toys or something? I guess I would like to do something to help, and I have all kinds of respect for Leonard Peltier. But giving money to a giant corporation that dumps toxins into the world and uses up natural resources to build useless crap... that doesn't seem like the best way to honor Mr. Peltier or the Lakota people. Capitalism kills. Is there some other way we can help, besides contributing to the holiday buy-frenzy that props up corporate America on our backs and our bones?

I hear ya 17.Nov.2007 18:14


I wont claim to know why they chose the Toys-R-Us or Amazon options but they DID clearly offer an alternative:
"Or just do it yourself! Buy a gift and make sure to send it to the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee address below"

not really an option.... 17.Nov.2007 21:10


"Or just do it yourself! *BUY* a gift and make sure to send it to the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee address below"

I think an urge for a consumer lifestyle isn't really going to do any kids any good.