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who are the real dangerous predators : msnbc !

The media now join with the police across the nation to run unlawful sting operations against men for the entertainment of the public. Then, these same players telecast the absurd melodrama worldwide.
17 Nov 2007

The following statements do not represent legal advice, but are simply my personal opinion and considered judgment of geral sosbee:

"To Catch A Predator" stories on global telecast , November 16, 2007, by msnbc's Chris Hansen and folllowers/fans/goons.

Chris says:

"When we first began investigating potential predators trying to meet teens online, we had no idea it would lead us to *where we are today. Nearly 130 men have surfaced in our stories. 98 of them are currently being prosecuted."

Sosbee writes to Chris and msnbc, and staff :

Well , let's set the record straight, Chris:

The program you promote ensnares innocent men lured to your location by a police operative/decoy female who personally appears at the door (as an adult) and invites the men in. No child is present; no victim exists; no complaining witness or aggrieved party exist; and no law is broken (except in the sick minds of those who seek to profit or to gain attention from the contrived and illegal sting).

As the targeted men enter the 'party' house the self proclaimed (impliedly so) hero Chris Hansen lurks in the shadows , then leaps out as though he is the law maker, the police, the grand inquisitor, the judge, the jury, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, the counsellor, and the executioner. Indeed, Chris is everthing all the living dead among us strive to emulate in our society:one who seeks out the living with arms extending, fingers pointing, mouths wide-opening and evil proclivities protruding. Chris even suggests that all of the targeted ( yet innocent in this writer's opinion) men are similar (potentially) to the child murderers in the news of late; this analogy is most revealing of the sick and degenerate mentality of the accusers in Chris Hansen's mob. You should have been slapped in the face , Chris , by every man you insulted at the scene.

In actuality, all of the captive men are innocent, while the manipulators in the msnbc entertainment scheme are potential criminals who should face a variety of criminal and civil charges; the corrupt politicians/legislators who write the absurd laws (that permitted the phony sting) should be removed from office; and the viewers should be told that all of this was a serious mistake and represents a failure of our culture to stop the hatred and brutality caused in large part by the police and the media through such programs as , "To Catch A Predator".

Until that time, however, Chris, msnbc, and the mindless police have learned how to make money and garner dirty attention through their most despicable and decadent show of police/media lunacy. All of the players (in the msnbc/cop/Chris Hansen farse) will be remembered as supporters of the emerging hyper-police state where even the spectators are now invited to join in the lynch party.

Sosbee writes to Chris Hansen:

* 'Where we are today', Chris, is at a point where we must deal with your outrageous conduct as you create or perpetuate an insensitive world where violent methods and fraudulent legal process are the standards for USA public policy (vis: in Chris's melodrama police weapons are drawn, the men are assaulted and cuffed by the police, the devil woman/decoy herself sweet talks the men into her abode in order to destroy their lives, and the men are impliedly forced to submit without legal advice to the silly and imposing interrogation of the lowest form of human intellect ).

Such are the impressions of this writer regarding the undignified character of Chris Hansen and his cowardly police associates.

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