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MDS Activist's Convergence - New York City

Make plans now to be at the MDS Activist's Convergence in January!
Movement for a Democratic Society

A Participatory Activists Convergence

January 19 -20, 2008

Join other mds chapter organizers, street activists, and students for a weekend of intensive discussions, hands-on workshops, resource sharing, networking, and comradery. Strengthen ties of democratic communication. Explore the possibilities for coordinated action and lay down a lasting foundation for future collaboration.

Share campaigns and projects in your own communities and create an umbrella of organizational mutual aid and solidarity. Develop an intergenerational culture of radical resistance embracing all tendencies.

Meet in New York on the second anniversary of the new sds and the MLK weekend to help build the new mds into an important and timely movement. Confront TODAY'S reality of endless war, racism, patriarchy, and oppression as we take it to the next level!

Strategize! Organize! Participate!!

More details coming soon - check out the mds Website: