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Support the Olympian Resistance--Nov. 17th, 1 pm

Show your support for Olympia Port Militarization Resistance! Saturday, November 17th, 1 p.m. at Percival Landing (4th ave and Water St.) Join in a peaceful march from Percival Landing, to OLY city hall, to the Port Plaza.
Whether materials for war are coming or going, all of it supports this illegal war. Keeping the Port open for business is not about the soldiers, it is about the public Port making money from an illegal war. Say no to the Iraq war, say no to profits from the Iraq war.

Come to Olympia for a peaceful march to protest the use of local community resources to support the war in Iraq, and to bring attention to the police brutality experienced by antiwar demonstrators in Olympia over the past two weeks. The march on Saturday will begin at Percival Landing (4th Ave and Water St.) at 1:00 pm, stop briefly at City Hall, then proceed to the Port Plaza for the rally.

I'll Be There 17.Nov.2007 08:36

Den Mark, Vancouver

I'll be there.

Bring Rain Gear 17.Nov.2007 11:11


Just got this from PMR:
March and Rally:
Don't Hide the Violence in Iraq or Olympia

Where: Percival Landing then march to Port Plaza
When: 1pm-3pm, Saturday, November 17
Organized by: Olympia Port Militarization Resistance
Join us for a march and rally to end the US occupation of Iraq and the violence it reinforces here at home. We will gather at Percival Landing at 4th and Water St and march to the Port Plaza for a rally. This is the beginning of community accountability of the police. With a mass community movement we can cut off the war through our ports.

Note that there has been a change of plans. The march will NOT stop at City Hall, but head directly for the Port Plaza.

We as a community need to challenge the lies and distortions of the Olympian editorial board, OPD, and the City Council regarding the courageous and principled actions which took place at the Port of Olympia over these past 2 weeks. OlyPMR has promoted tomorrow's march and rally to regional, national, and international media as a "large scale" event. So please don your rain gear and bring your best signs and banners for this Grand Finale to an amazing week of nonviolent resistance to the horrific reality of the US occupation of Iraq and the violent response of OPD to local protest -- AND the deplorable response of our local daily.

The whole world will be watching, so let's show 'em what we stand for.

Back From 17.Nov.2007 17:17

Den Mark, Vancouver

Terrific march, preceded by very brief rally, & followed by longer one. March took to streets (STREETS, without permit, i'm happy to report) & was two or three blocks, tightly packed & spirited. Thanks, Olympians, for an inspiring week.