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Pakistani Member of Parliament Arrested

Manzoor Ahmed was arrested on a demonstration this morning, after leading many demonstrations throughout the Punjab region of Pakistan. Manzoor Ahmed is Marxist Member of Parliament and is also president of the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign. Labor Organizations are urged to protest his arrest and press for his freedom.
Comrade Manzoor was arrested today in Gujranwala, a city 60 km north of Lahore. He was leading the Long March from Lahore to Islamabad which started on November 13 from Lahore to Kasur and Okara.

In the second leg of the long march they reached Faislabad and then Sheikhupura. Yesterday they moved from Sheikhupura to Gujranwala.

Today they were gathering at the old railway station in Gujranwala to move on towards Gujrat leading thousands of people including PPP workers, youth and masses.

However, the police and intelligence agencies followed comrade Manzoor closely but due to the roaring thunder of the workers against them comrade Manzoor could not be arrested.

This time the police attacked heavily on the workers and used brutal measures to disperse the rally. The workers valiantly fought back against the police but the police was able to get hold of Comrade Manzoor along with other local leaders in Gujranwala.

Now Comrade Manzoor is in police custody at the Model Town Police Station in Gujranwala along with hundreds of other workers and party activists.

We appeal to all workers and labour organisations to send messages of protest to their local embassies. Telephone calls should be made to embassies and consulates in order to put the necessary urgent pressure on the regime to secure Manzoor's release. You can find information on the Pakistani embassies and consulates in your country here. Send messages of support and solidarity to info [at] ptudc.org.


homepage: homepage: http://www.ptudc.org

the myth of 'terrorists' in pakistan 16.Nov.2007 11:08


Pakistan is not in danger of being taken over by islamist extremists; it is in danger of being taken over by a popular, people's revolution, in the direction of socialism. The Pakistani Peoples Party has a strong Socialist tradition, and the people are sick of waiting.