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HEPA Air Filters

Treat your neighbor as you will be treated.
HEPA Air Filters

So I was really fucking rich
And lived by the factory seepage
I thought EPA standards be damned
Like Chicago irritants in the Water systems
I sought relief in H- E-P- A
Oh great air filter
Long life giver
Diviner of the golden breath
This archaic deception of protection
That which share with others is our own
GEO Airmail
Bombs that bring hail
And dirty wars that prevail
Heap filter can not clean them all
Words out about
The cleanliness of this filtered device
Re- called in a speech
Rumsfeld in the 90's about
Ground wars
Recalled from our shelves
HEPA filter can not save the breath in
Is the breath out of biblical proportion
That this bomb of destruction
Is asthma inspiring
And the Hippocratic oath prevents me from lying
You swear or curse on our bible
That you follow a disciple

But even riches in the pocket
Are smaller than the ions
That can not be stopped
in the movable air
That brings despair to everyone here.