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School massacre: Finish gunman on antideprepressants like Columbine killers

Another case of ssri driven slaughter..but this one not reported by the english language press
You may have heard of the finnish student who dupliacted Columbine in a finnish high school. What you may not have heard if you read only the englush language press, is that he as on SSRI antidepressants, just like the Columbine killers and so many others The media in finland reported it, but not the media in US UK or australia:

Jokela gunman said he used antidepressants

The Jokela gunman Pekka-Eric Auvinen is very likely to have used anti-depressant drugs, which have been linked with school massacres in the United States. A message written by "Sturmgeist89", a pseudonym used by Auvinen, appeared on the Internet a short time ago stating that he took the mood-enhancers, although he hated them.
In a video that he placed on YouTube, Sturmgeist89 displays packages of Cipralex, Zoloft, Luvox, and Prozac pills. The video "SSRI-One Pill A Day Makes You Happy" criticises medicalisation.
The drugs in question are Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the perpetrators the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado in the USA, had said that they took pills in the same class of drugs.
There is disagreement among experts as to whether or not the drugs can provoke destructive aggression.

In a message he put on an Internet chat room Pekka-Eric Auvinen suggests that he had started using anti-depressants during the past year.
"StormSpirit", another pseudonym used by Auvinen, wrote on the Peliplaneetta.net website that he had suffered "from some degree of depression for about a year".

Sturmgeist89 told a Danish former female acquaintance that he felt frustrated and aggressive because of the drugs. On the other hand, in his English-language message he said that he had stopped taking the pills, at least temporarily.
At Thursday's press conference police said that Auvinen's autopsy had not been completed, and that it was not yet known if he was under the influence of any medicines.
The police are checking with Auvinen's parents and health care officials to see if he had been prescribed antidepressants. He also may have acquired them illegally or over the Internet.
The National Agency for Medicines recommends against prescribing SSRIs for people under the age of 18, because of the self-destructive or hostile emotions that they have been known to provoke.
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Finnish gun man on ssris

SSRIs work wonders 16.Nov.2007 09:33

prozac kid

St John's Wort is an herbal SSRI available at any drugstore. My friend needed something stronger, so she was prescribed Prozac. It was a wonder drug.

The VA gunman was a "Manchurian Candidate".
Sources: Feds Ordered VA Police To Stand Down
author: Scott Ritsema
Local authorities were told to take no action to pursue killer.
link to www.infowars.com

Inaction of Officials "Unfathomable"
Long-Term University Police Officer Alleges VA Tech Black Op

JonesReport | April 19, 2007
Scott Ritsema

In an eye-opening spur-of-the-moment interview, done on the April 17 Alex Jones radio show, former "long-term" university police officer, George French, questioned why police did not immediately seal off the campus on the morning of the VA Tech shootings.

French has written on the subject of school attacks in the past and possesses valuable experience in and knowledge of university police procedures and norms, lending credence to his comments given Tuesday.

Referring to various styles of campus layouts, including open campuses that have many access points, French stated that it is "routine practice at every campus to seal it off."

"Setting up a series of roadblocks, controlling access to very large pieces of property, is very much routine on any university campus in Canada and in the United states."

French continued: "after a double homicide, when you're looking for a dangerous fellow with a firearm, I find it unfathomable that a series of roadblocks weren't set up... to prevent the felon from escaping."

"It's beyond belief," French stated. "If you had a snowstorm, the whole education system can be shut down with a few phone calls." Maps of the VA Tech campus show that "a series of 12 or 15 road blocks" is all that would be needed, and should be implemented immediately by local police in the event of a shooting. However, this basic, standard response was not followed that morning.

Referring to numerous American university policy procedures and handbooks that he has personally read, French explained, "they have very serious plans in effect to use all county, state, and local law enforcement to come to the aid of the university."

French cited another case, the Ecole Polytechnique Massacre in Montreal, where officers were "ordered not to intervene" and "told to wait outside... I think it was a black op then." In Blacksburg also, we saw police "cowering and hiding."

Cautioning, that "we can only hypothesize at this point," French could find no logical conclusion other than deliberate inaction on the part of officials. "We have another coordinated, allowed event... the parallels are so common in each case; you can write the script in advance."

Infowars.com is Copyright 2007 Alex Jones | Fair Use Notice
Sources: Feds Ordered VA Police To Stand Down
Local authorities were told to take no action to pursue killer

Prison Planet | April 20, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

Police and EMT workers at Virginia Tech tell us that campus police were given a federal order to stand down and not pursue killer Cho Seung-Hui as Monday's bloodshed unfolded.

Though wishing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, we have received calls from police and EMT's who tell us that a stand down order was in place, and this is also confirmed by eyewitness Matt Kazee, who is a Blacksburg local.

Kazee talked to local EMT's and police who told him the same thing, that the order was to wait until federal back up arrived before any action was taken. This explains the complete non-response of the police in the two hour gap between Cho's first two murders and the wider rampage that would follow later that morning.

The policy of federal control over the University was put in place following a previous shooting in August 2006 in which a police officer and a hospital security guard were killed.