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Christmas Supremecists, American Family Association Makes Holiday Hatred a Reality

This Holiday season, if you want to enjoy it you better bow to the Christmas Gestapo or you will be hunted down by their little O'Reilly Loofah minions by phone and email
Not even three days after I posted my piece on Holiday Hatred, the below alert hit my OPPO Email Address from The American Fascist Association, opps I mean the American Family Association. Sorry, Freudian Slip. Anyways, I am sure most agree that the first name suits them much better. It appears from the AFA or the American Fascist Association email, no business is safe from the Christmas Supremacists. I am wondering when they will want a law passed that EVERYONE must say "Merry Christmas" or they get burned at the stake Crucible style?

Yes, this holiday season, if you want to enjoy it you better bow to the Christmas Gestapo or you will be hunted down by their little O'Reilly Loofah minions by phone and email. So to pre-empt their little anti-good cheer campaign that will be all over right-wing lunatic radio in the morning, I sent out an alert to my list of more than 300 people statewide who celebrate Holidays in December encouraging them to call PetSmart with words of support. After that, I made my call to PetSmart and spoke to a nice gentleman who actually laughed at the ridiculousness of the AFA's email.

Have a look for yourself:

At PetSmart, Christmas doesn't exist

Send an e-mail to PetSmart and ask why they refuse to include Christmas in their promotion, choosing to only use holiday.


At PetSmart, Christmas doesn't exist. It is not to be found anywhere on their Web Site. AFA checked out the local PetSmart store and there was no Christmas there, either.

A search on PetSmart's home page found 252 references to "holiday." It also found 43 references to "Christmas." But, alas, this is very misleading. When you click on "Christmas" you are directed to a page containing the same gifts you get when you search for holiday. Of all the items that pop up when you search for Christmas, not a single one mentions Christmas or is identified as being a Christmas gift.

At PetSmart, everything is "holiday."


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman American Family

From the email, it sounds as though PetSmart actually mentioned the term "Christmas", but according to AFA, they didn't mention it enough. How much is enough for these fanatics?

Does everyone and everything, even private businesses have to be Christ-centric? As a Buddhist, I shop at PetSmart and celebrate a Holiday in December and it ain't the pagan influenced Christ Mass. Many of my friends and family do the same. I wonder. Must we ALL be Christians to have pets? Must we ALL celebrate Christmas in December to be acknowledged by companies we patronize? Must we ALL be Christians to be American Consumers? Apparently to the Christian extremists like Donald Wildmon, we must.

As I said before to you little Christmas Fascists and Christian Supremacists: Murder your little pagan tree to put your living room, buy your cheap crap gifts at Wal-Mart, eat your yams and be happy that you have a free day set aside for your diety.

Peace, Joy, Choice on Earth and Happy Holidays!


Call (888)839-9638 to tell PetSmart that they should not bow to Christian Supremecists and Christmas Fascists.

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