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1115 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Thursday, November 15th, 2007.
1115 am 'Get This' news
1115 am 'Get This' news
11/15/07 Get This
sui generis

1. The Road To Hell, Continues: Here's the latest plot twist along the civic highway: Four out of five City Commissioners want SW 4th Avenue in downtown Portland to be renamed Cesar Chavez Avenue. The only dissenting voice? Mayor Tom Potter. The mayor is holding out for N. Interstate, thereby pissing off many of the people who voted for him. (Here's a fun pr project: Go to your local office supply store and buy a couple of reams of that sticky-back paper. Write up your own favorite street names and cut the paper into sign-size strips. Off you go! Be sure to bring snacks and plenty of warm clothing in case you get lost. It can get confusing out there if you don't know what street you're on... )
2. A judge in Lincoln County has ordered the State of Oregon to hang on to the two year-old boy whose foster parents want to keep him, whose father is being deported back to Mexico after racking up assorted drug and sex charges and whose mother has similar drug charges but who is an American and therefore cannot be deported. Back in Mexico, the boy's grandmother would become his caregiver (Assuming she has no sex or drug charges and is not about to be deported to the US... ). The boy's drug-addled, legally-compromised parents say its fine with them for their son to stay with the Brandts in Oregon.
3. Somehow weirdly related to the previous story, Oregon has passed a law for employees who have a pretty good idea that their exes may be out to kill them. The law mandates that employers provide paid time off for the abused to seek out care, counseling, or talk to attorneys... And let's not forget that essential trip to the gun dealer... "I still miss my ex, But my aim is getting better."
4. This week's Our Backyard from Edison Carder had something to do with eating local meat. (I couldn't listen because I was talking to the engineer in the sound room.)
5. Activists in Oregon have debated the impact of the Klamath River dams on the environment, on Native American culture, on farming communities and coastal fisheries. But what about the gawdamn fish? you ask. Well, here's what: Advocates want ratepayers to urge the Oregon Public Utility Commission to deny any request from PacifiCorp to pass on relicensing costs for the four dams on the Klamath that need to go. Good idea! Some people care about fish, some don't, but hey, everyone cares about money...
6. In Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife still won't let gillnet fisherman in the waters off Seattle gillnet. Takes too many fish. The fishermen want to gillnet because if they can get their hands on a whole lot of fish, all of the time and not just some of the time, they can sell it to high-end stores like... .That's right! Whole Foods.
7. At last, the US Federal government is going to "do something" about the fact that the sea level is rising so far above , well, sea level that the Queen Charlotte Islands are at risk of becoming the Queen Charlotte Reefs. (And the minute they do, it's a shitfire bet some oil tanker will crash into them and sink leaving behind thousands of gallons of Dead Bird Soup... )
8. Snowball, the media deer, and her trusty son Bucky, have cost $13 thousand in veterinarian fees and close to $39 thousand in legal fees... Not to mention the thousands of hours the State logged talking on the phone to irate Oregonians and the overtime for state troopers attending an eight hour standoff at the deer's owner's home in Molalla. Mercifully, at no point in the drama did anyone feel the need to get FEMA involved.
9. Turns out that all the security precautions and surreal searches performed by gum-popping, beady-eyed TSA employees are no deterrent to the ebb and flow bomb-making supplies, which, agents said could be purchased on e-Bay of Craig's List. (Has it occurred to anyone that maybe we ought not to be spreading the word on this sorry state of affairs around quite so whimsically?
10. Golden Shower Department: California put on its own version of TopOff-4, as it has done ever since the Guv came up with the idea for 'Golden Guardian' back in 2004. This latest one rocked Orange County, where they had to shut down the Orange Freeway in both directions so as not to panic people - But really, most people coming upon the scene of what appears to be a bomb blast in Anaheim are not going to assume it's a Disney promotion... They are going to think: Bomb blast in Anaheim and panic their nuts off.
11. Soldier of Misfortune: Played out against the taserized backdrop of Bernie Kerik's ties to Rudy Giuliani, now we have this: Howard Krongard, the State Department Inspector General had to recuse himself from the Blackwater (now, 'Worldwide'!) investigation because his brother Alvin "Buzzy" Krongard is on the Blackwater board of advisors... and at the personal invitation of Eric Prince, founder and CEO of the world's leading supplier of mercenaries for every occasion. Somehow the fact just slipped brother Howard's mind. (Good thing these people aren't in charge of nuclear weapons, eh?... Wait... Oh, right...
12. Very Bad Hair Day: New York City Police say that they were perfectly justified when they shot and killed an 18 year-old mentally ill boy who menaced them with a hairbrush.
13. The pilot of the Cosco Busan says that the radar "conked out." (Okay. Fine... But you don't need radar to observe that you are about to crash an oil tanker into the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge... )
14. In close proximity to Baghdad's sacred Green Zone, what do we have here? A bomb attack is what... Aside from that, the War on Terror is going just swimmingly...
15. Iraqi immigration to the US is still stalled-out in the mid-hundreds, despite the hundreds of thousands of visa applications, and the millions of Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan.
16. Why They Hate Us: Israel's parliament has given initial approval to draft legislation making it harder to change Jerusalem's status in any peace deal with the Palestinians. The proposed bill would require a two-thirds majority in the Knesset for any amendments to a law claiming all of the City as Israeli territory. The law still has to pass three more votes in parliament before it can become law. Israeli foreign and domestic policy is looking down the wrong end of the binoculars: To Israelis, their Arab neighbors appear extremely small and far away... .
17. And the Palestinian "leadership" isn't doing itself much good either. Now, Mahmoud Abbas is demanding the overthrow of Hamas's control in the Gaza Strip. (And I am sure he will get what he wants... Only it won't be by Fatah: It will be by the Israeli Defense Forces... )
18. Nicolas Sarkozy wants the transportation strike to end and everybody to get back to work because it's nearly time for his two-hour lunch and three-day weekend.
19. Somalia has virtually shut down all media in-country. (Note to Somalia: It would be heartening to believe that shutting down the media will prevent the rest of the world from taking notice of the carnage and the mayhem and be sufficiently outraged and disgusted to take action. Alas, the rest of the world has paid little or no attention to the horrors of Somalia for so long it is unlikely to start now - even if it was on TV)
20. John Negroponte defends US cotton subsidies which have been a major contributing factor in the decline and collapse of African nations' economies.
21. And there was a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Chile. Reports are trickling out. It was a very bad one. (Note to residents of the Los Angeles area: Pack. Now.)