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On Your Mark

Weakening our sytem by dilution
The trouble with American activism today is the dilution of the one strength the majority has that cannot be argued with. Numbers. Numbers equal power. And unfortunately, the majority no longer knows how to act like a majority therefor they have no real power. Dilution.

One would think with as many activist groups as there are there would be ever increasing reports of protests, impeachment's, progress...but no. The silence grows louder every day. We no longer have a voice because we have segregated ourselves by issues. So instead of our voice rising in unison, we are heard as a bunch of fragmented messages; like a dozen different conversations at once at 11 pm in some bar on some corner. Talking over each other while spilling our drinks on the others laps.

Since when did activists compete with each other? Isn't the real competition and the real challenge in changing this countries path and regime? When did activists become enemies? Activists are all working toward the same end and yet they make the struggle harder and longer because they refuse to work as a team. Find your common ground, run with it...you'll get there faster.

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Since when did activists compete with each other? 15.Nov.2007 09:48


The "left" in the United States has a long, long history of circular firing squads and unrestrained egos from people whose self-importance and need for control supercede the issues.

Far too many "activists" only want to participate if they are the organizer or the person calling the shots.
Add to that the fact that people on the left are extremely loyal to the concept of refusing to yield to compromise if it means sacrificing any semblance of principal.

This is a recipe for infighting and dissention among people of like-minds.

The power elite love it and help feed it at every opportunity.

The question is how many people will be smart enough to see and understand the state's plans to divide us with everything from race and class to sexual preference and gender.