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Incident on 4th and Oak: Why mercenary quasi-police have no place in a democratic society

I don't really know how to say this. I'm not sure if I can put into words what just happened, downtown, right underneath all of our noses. I'm not sure if I can make people understand why this really, fucking, matters.

But it does.
I was standing at a bus stop a little while ago, on the corner of SW 4th and Oak. It was lunchtime, so there were a lot of people there. There had to be nearly a dozen of us, mostly waiting for one of three buses that would be passing by soon. And there was the man who was sitting by the wall on the corner. I see him now and then. He was leaning back, soaking in the scant rays of the weak November sun. Occasionally, he would ask people walking by if they could spare some change. None did, but he is used to that. He took it all in stride, just leaning back again and waiting for someone to show some kindness.

I know, in reading this there will be people who will roll their eyes, and make all the usual excuses for indifference or even hostility. A lot of people imagine they have the right to ask that people who are homeless just go away. Just disappear from the streets. Stop "bothering" them. They talk about "aggressive pan handling" and "cleaning up the streets." But there was nothing aggressive about this man, and no one should have the right to just sweep him away like refuse. If people were annoyed by their encounter with him, then it was their own consciences bothering them, because this man was not bothering anyone. And if their consciences are bothering them, then maybe they should think about that.

Anyway, so I was standing there, waiting for this bus. And as I'm squinting up the street wondering if it will be on time, I see the two "Clean and Safe" oppressors walking toward us. (It occurs to me as I write this, that I don't even know what to call them. Clearly, they would like to be called "officers," I think. They wear badges, and uniforms designed to mimic the Portland Police Bureau. They even have guns on their hips. But they are not officers. Unlike the police, they are not even accountable on paper to the rest of us.) One is a young-ish woman wearing a yellow and black jacket, like the bike cops wear. The other is an old-ish man, in the blue uniform that looks almost exactly like the Portland Police uniform. Both have fake badges on their chests.

As I see them, I realize that my friend by the wall is probably in danger of being harassed. Despite there being at least thirty people just down the street sitting on the sidewalk outside the Greek Cuisina, I'm pretty sure that this man, alone, will be called out for violating the "sit-lie" ordinance. Without really thinking about it, I take a few steps toward him. I see that he has seen them too, as he is already standing when I turn around. I wait. He waits. The "officers" approach.

One of them, the woman, walks up to him, while the other "officer" goes into the little market there, for a moment, either picking up a snack or trying to justify what comes next. I hear my friend ask the first officer, "Hey, how ya doin'?" And I hear her terse response. She's doing fine. She's loud, and trying to effect a jovial mood. But she seems friendly enough, and I think, maybe they're not going to bother him. Maybe they're just out patrolling, and maybe they will just keep on walking. But no. The male officer comes out of the little market, walks right up to the man, and growls at him that he has to leave. He's being kind of obnoxious about it too, standing right up against him with his face only an inch or two from the other man's face. And of course, there is the implication that if he does not leave, force may be employed. If the man realizes that these are fake police with no real authority other than the guns at their sides, then a real officer can always be called to trump up some charge and take him away.

The relish with which the fake officer brandished his fake power was just too much.

"Why does he have to leave?" I asked. It seemed like a simple enough question. All three of them turned to look at me. I waited. They seemed perplexed. "Why does he need to leave," I asked again. The male officer responds, "He's getting complaints." He then tells the man, again, that he is to leave. At that, the homeless man dips his head and begins to walk away, wisely exiting the scene. "I don't understand," I say. "This is a public place. Why can't he be here like the rest of us? Why does he need to leave?"

Incredibly, the "officer," whose name I now know to be Mr. Long, answers, "He's just a very small part of the public."

I wonder if he knows just how revealing that answer was. Probably not. "But he is a member of this community," I say. "A member of the public. He hasn't done anything wrong. He has the right to be here."
"Officer" Long tells me that the man's presence is "impacting the quality of life" in this city. I tell him I live in this city, and that man is my neighbor, and I would rather have him on the street than a bully with a fake badge and a gun. "It's not right what you're doing. You should not be able to just wander the streets with a gun on your hip, pretending to be cops, harassing homeless people. That's not right. It's disgusting. It's not a crime to be homeless," I say. It all came rolling out of my mouth before I even knew what I was going to say. I only knew that something must be said.

Mr. Long imagined himself to be in possession of some kind of authority which he felt should be enough to put me in my place. "Why don't you ask him if he feels harassed," he sneered, gesturing down the street toward where the homeless man had disappeared. What a strange thing to say, I thought. How can he think, for one moment, that the people he treats like this don't mind it? Can he really believe that???

So I say, "If someone were to come up and treat you like that, wouldn't you feel harassed?"
To that, he responded, "I'm being harassed right now." Meaning me. He was being "harassed" by me because I was asking him for some accountability. I was asking why he felt he had the right to tell a member of this community that he can't be there on a public sidewalk. I was standing up for a neighbor, and so this "officer" was feeling harassed.

"Really," I said. "You're feeling harassed right now?" I paused. "Good," I said. "You should feel harassed. You should feel ashamed. What you're doing is not right, and you should know that. You're not even real cops. Yet you wear badges and carry guns, and you prowl these streets bullying homeless people. You're mercenaries, working for the Portland Business Alliance. That isn't right, and you should just be ashamed of yourselves."

The woman in the yellow and black jacket was fading into the background. Maybe she realized that I was right. Maybe she felt sheepish about her role in the quasi police state. Maybe not. Either way, at the very least, she understood that it was not appropriate to escalate the situation any further. This was something that should have occurred to Mr. Long as well, but it did not. Instead, he thrust out his chest and took several steps toward me, intent upon intimidating me into silence. I am not so easily intimidated.

Mr. Long stuck his chest out and came right up to me and said, bizarrely, "No. I'm not ashamed. I'm not ashamed at all. Know why? Because I used to be a real cop, for a number of years." As if that explained it all. ...And again, it probably explained more than he intended it to. For instance, it explained why he still believed he had the authority to intimidate people on the street, why he was waiting for me to melt away in fear, why he was almost foaming at the mouth with the urge to haul me downtown for daring to speak up to him. I could feel it. I could read him like a book.

We exchanged some words. I can't remember them all. But the gist of it was that he felt he had the perfect right to tell the homeless man to go away, and what's more, he thought he had the right to stand there and bait me and try to make me squirm. He was nasty and rude and challenging, and trying to get me to back down. I will be honest with you. I was shaking so hard through this encounter that I feared my legs would not hold me. I was shaking because, like any human being, I am not comfortable with such a public confrontation. I could feel upon me the eyes of all the other people on that corner, and it was very disconcerting. And I was shaking because I was upset. I was upset that someone like this could be granted the perceived power to harass other people like that, in what is supposed to be a democratic society. I was upset that he could be allowed to just walk up to a member of this community, at the behest of shadowy private interests, and just tell that person to get lost. I was upset that this little man could think it was even remotely appropriate to stand there and try to brow-beat me into silence like that. And, inside, I was especially upset that mine was the only voice speaking out against this injustice.

I told him he had done his job, he had chased away a homeless man, why didn't he just go away now? But he would not. He sneered at me. He implied that he has the support of the public on his side for what he does, even if I don't "get" it. He postured and baited. He gave me the same, practiced maneuver that he had used on the homeless man: He walked right up to me, nose to nose, glaring in my eyes. I glared right back. He glared. I glared. Neither of us would look away, neither spoke. Finally, he broke the gaze and looked furtively downward. But quickly he regained himself and lifted his chin to glare back at me. "You have a lot of anger in you," He said, employing what I took to be a sad effort at a psychological tactic often used by the police to bait people into doing something they can charge them with. He was still trying to look intimidating. "I should tell you," I said. "You have no authority here. I am not afraid of you. And unlike that man you chased away, I have a home. Don't fuck with me."

"Fuck?" He said, seizing on the word. His hands flew up to his chest pocket -- one hand opening his jacket, the other reaching into the shirt pocket inside. He stood there, frozen like that for a long, long moment. Waiting for me to crack, hoping I would believe, as he had believed in one senile moment, that he still had something in that pocket. Maybe the power to write me some sort of citation, to detain me, to take me in. Maybe he even thought that I would think he had a gun in there. Clearly, he was waiting for me to quake in fear. "FUCK?" He said again, in his most challenging drawl.
"Yes," I said at last, very evenly. "Don't fuck with me."

"Do you eat with that mouth?" It was all he could think to say. When I did not respond, he finally retrieved the impotent hand from his pocket, wielding nothing more substantial than a flaccid ballpoint pen. Probably had no ink.

"You should be ashamed," I said again. "What you did to that man is wrong. It's disgusting, and you should be ashamed."
"I'm not ashamed," he said, childishly defiant.
"Then I weep for you."

I turned away, hoping this ordeal would just be over with. But it was not. He shouted at me from the corner that there was something wrong with me, and sneered something about my being "an angry person." I turned around and asked him, again, to just move along. Still, he would not. He cajoled and insulted, and did his best to escalate the whole affair. I asked for his name, pointedly glancing at the little brass rectangle on his jacket where the offending name was printed. Finally, upon my insistence, he produced a card that reads, "IF you have a complaint My name is ofc Long." (He'd had to write the name in himself, with the impotent little bic.) The card went on, "Please contact John Hren at 503-224-7383 or DPSST at 503-378-2100." He held it as if to give it to me, but kept holding it back. Such petty little games he plays. A man who craves authority in any little way. Even if all it means is making someone go to extra lengths just to get a business card out from his hand. Sad.

The other side of the card, by the way, reads "Portland Patrol Inc, Downtown Clean and Safe. 208 NW 1st Avenue, Portland, OR 97209. Bus. 503-224-7383, fax 503-224-5041." I may call them to complain, but probably not. What would be the point? The man is doing the job he is paid to do. If I am to lodge a complaint about his behavior, it will be an indictment of the entire "Portland Patrol" charade. He should not be singled out alone. It is the position itself that is wrong, though he certainly embodies the ugliness that can develop in the human heart when a weak soul is given a little power over others. It seems this kind of weakness is common among Portland Police officers, which is one reason to question the wisdom of allowing them to continue their brutality in this petty manner after they retire.

What he did, here, was right out of the Portland Police play book. He was rude and obnoxious and trying very hard to be intimidating. He was threatening, but in a veiled sort of way. His actions and words were geared to get a rise out of me without being noticed by bystanders. He tried to get me to shout so that it would appear to the people around us that it was me who had the problem, not him. And all because he wanted very much to justify to himself, to the people around us, that it is all right for this private army of mercenaries to prowl our streets with guns, harassing homeless people and intimidating anyone who would challenge their right to do so.

Frighteningly, I have no doubt that, if he were still a real police officer, he might very well have arrested me at that moment when he reached into his pocket. He could have made up some charge -- perhaps "interfering with a police officer" or "disorderly conduct," or even "Attempted PSCII." Because they can, and they do get away with this all the time. And it's just not right.

In any event, after a long and hostile and draining encounter, I turned away again and made it clear that it was done. Mister Long finally gave up and followed his partner, who had long since backed away down the block. I was pretty sure I had missed my bus by now, and I did not want to meet anyone's gaze. I have been through this drill before. I knew what I could expect. In a culture where everyone is brainwashed to side with anyone in a uniform, where it's considered impolite to make any waves, I imagined that all the faces at that bus stop would be either refusing to meet my eye, or else glaring at me. I was certain that, to them, I was now "the crazy woman." Hopelessly, I felt tears stinging at the back of my eyes with this knowledge, but I would not let anyone see them here. I would hold my head up and look straight ahead, and I would not look at any of those glaring faces. I saw a bus coming. It wasn't my bus, but I thought I would climb on it anyway, just to get out of there.

I stepped into the line to get on that bus, when I heard a voice. "Hey," said a man in a suit and an expensive coat. "You probably can't win this. This is huge, and entrenched," He said. I blinked in surprise. He went on to tell me what an oppressive and system-wide phenomenon I'm up against, thinking I did not already know. "I know, it's hard not to say anything, though," he said, as he climbed on the bus. An old woman behind him smiled encouragingly at me, and shrugged. A gesture of the futility and hopelessness of it all, but meant to be supportive just the same.

I was so surprised that I did not get on the bus after all. I just stood there and watched others climb on board. "Thanks," I said lamely. "Thanks for saying that." Dazed, I looked at the people around me. No one was glaring at all. No one was trying not to meet my eye. Instead, everyone was looking at me with what looked very much like approval. Another man murmured, "It's all right. You were right." And a young woman said, "Thank you so much for speaking out." She touched me on the arm and told me that she wished she had the courage to speak up like that. And then, after I had walked a little way away to get out of the little crowd, a man and a woman walked over to me. Barely turning to look at me when he said it, the man leaned over and quietly said, "You were right, you know."

I was surprised beyond words. I had thought I was alone there. My first reaction to this revelation that I was not alone after all was such overwhelming gratitude that I felt those tears burning on my cheeks after all. Maybe it's not such a cold and lonely world after all. It wasn't until a long time later, after the right bus finally came, and I was riding off down the street, that I thought to wonder why none of those people had bothered to speak up sooner. Why they had not spoken up for the homeless man when he was still there, why they had not said anything to the fake "police." Then again, who was I to question it. I had really, really needed to know, in that one moment, that it wasn't just me. That I wasn't standing out there all alone. That I wasn't just some crazy lady shouting into the wind. And they had given me that. They had given me the reassurance that I needed. Indeed, they had given me the encouragement necessary to go out there and fight another day.

Our voices do matter. I think it mattered to the man on the corner that I spoke up for him, and I know it mattered to me that so many people spoke up for me when they did. So if you see someone being oppressed in this city, please, please speak up. It matters.

(Incidentally, before my bus came, I walked into the little market to see if anyone in there had complained about the homeless man. No one had. So if Mr. Long's report says otherwise later, perhaps someone should do a little following up.)

right on 13.Nov.2007 19:10

someone who's been harrassed

I'm glad you did that and glad you wrote about it. Thank you.

Now go back and read the words "flaccid" and "impotent," referring to a Bic pen. I have questions about that: if he had instead drawn his pistol and gunned you down, would you admire it as "hard" and "dominating?"

The penis-language has grown so customary that it is tossed about without acknowledgement of its basis in thought, i.e., sexual violence. These metaphors are more insidious than most men realize; these days even women toss them about on occasion. I just want to point out that your worth is not in your crotch; even if the guy had been able to make you visibly afraid, it would be his crime and not yours.

Sharing a voice 13.Nov.2007 19:20


What about it, commissioner Sten? Commissioner Leonard? Commissioner Adams? Mayor Potter?

Will you use your voice too? Will you say that this is not all right? It's not, you know. Will you take back whatever citizen's tax dollars are helping to fund this private terror? Will you help us to outlaw private patrols like this? Will you speak up and let us know we're not alone out here?

Penis Monger 13.Nov.2007 19:24

Something is dirty about "clean and safe"

Regarding the penis language, to the person who posted just before me, I'm not sure if you saw the name of the author, or read the part about being made to feel like "the crazy woman." The author is female. And I think the language is probably intentional. As in, the fake cop was trying to exert domination over her, in that special way that men do, and he came up powerless. Impotent. I think she meant to say that, and I think it's right on. All his masculine efforts at dominating her fell flat because she stood up to him.

I know you mean well, and I like the rest of your comment. But please don't tell women how they should perceive a power imbalance like that, or how to describe their own experiences of male domination. Women understand very well how men try to wield power over them, and i think the emasculating language is very appropriate, given the circumstances.

But if Mr. Long WERE a cop... 13.Nov.2007 19:42


HIS name is probably an overcompensating pseudonym, and he was probably looking for his nuts in his pocket.
BUT, if he were a cop, you are absolutely correct. He would make up a charge, and even plant evidence, to enable himself to gain mastery over his environment, and you. He would then haul you downtown, write some lies on a sheet of paper, and ultimately, because there were witnesses too afraid to come forward, you would be forced to pay for his lack of manhood.

You did well, but cover yourself. I have even seen cops nearly run down citizens in the crosswalk, and then arrest that very same citizen for complaining about their jerk assed driving. Be very careful.

Bravo for you!! Mock those twerps! 13.Nov.2007 20:39


Pretty lengthy, but worth the read! Great job standing up to that weenie. Please contact City Council about the incident and demand the rent-a-cops be held accountable, because if they are not, Portland certainly won't stand up to Blackwater when they descend on the town.

We have to find out how much money the city actually got for participating in the bullshit terror exercises in August and October, and then find out the funding the city has taken from Homeland Security to militarize the cops.

The War on Terror is nothing more than a War on the Truth...it is all Bushit!!

Similar faux-po 13.Nov.2007 21:12


"Officer Long" sounds like a Clean & Safe faux-po who, years ago, chased a friend and I away from outside a shop at which she had just bought something... as we were standing and talking. He was petty and tried to be intimidating... was a liar and cowardly. As I questioned him about his authority and requested he leave, he kept changing his story, eventually saying the shop had asked him to whisk us away. I went in and asked them if they had done that. They said they did not and seemed genuinely shocked that the Clean & Sober lackey said they did. Since the faux-po wouldn't give me his name or a card, I got his name from the shopkeepers, along w/a number to call Clean & Safe. I called to make a complaint w/no expectation it would do any good, which I'm sure it didn't. It wasn't at all surprising when the woman said the guy used to be a cop. She seemed to think that made it better somehow, as in "oh, don't worry honey, he used to be a POLICE OFFICER." I told her that the fact he used to be a Portland cop made me trust him and them even less. She seemed confused.

Anyway, go get'em Mathilda, and thanks for the reportback.

The Downtown Business Alliance is a fascist organization - 13.Nov.2007 22:41

Kathleen Bushman sassykathy46@gmail.com

The Downtown Business Alliance is a fascist organization - I refuse to spend my money downtown and I wish more people would.

Matilda, I am quite proud of you. Thanks for doing the right thing.

Fake Cops-Fake Police Accountability 14.Nov.2007 04:25

Jerry Atlansky js@atlansky.com


Way to go gal, your on the right track now read an update on two years of investigation of the broken law enforcement agencies we have documented and made important progress. Contact me to learn more great stuff to make you glad a lot is moving to change the entire policing world.

Wednesday-November 14, 2007

We are proud to announce the endorsement of the next attorney general of the Great State of Oregon 2008, Lewis & Clark Law College Professor John Kroger.


Jerry Atlansky-Chairperson
Oregon State Police-
Independent Citizens Review Board
Portland, Oregon

Honorable Senator Ben Westlund
Oregon State Senate
State Capitol Building Room S-318
Salem, Oregon 97301

Subject: Truly reforming law enforcement

This is our sincere request to obtain your support to truly reform law enforcement. With your desire to become the next Oregon State Treasurer we ask for your cooperation to read the following material and decide if you are for the changes we are suggesting to make policing more civil which is a dire challenge?

Please contact me to set up a meeting direct with you so we can address this very important matter.

We will include our support or non-support of you to hundreds of Oregonians each day to the following data after we receive direct information from all people that desire to be the next Treasurer of the great state of Oregon.

Future success for Treasurer!

Jerry Atlansky
 js@atlansky.com 24/366

UPDATE: Governor Kulongoski will hire the next Attorney General with anyone that will NOT protect the public from out of control cops. With Attorney General Myer's resignation, "why would the governor leave these matters for the public to elect the next Attorney General?" Myers term expires Jan. 2009 the governor will hire his replacement Jan. 2008. "We The Government, For The Government, it's broken we must fix it." Jerry Atlansky

Please read the following data which is a condensed view of our organizations work to bring civility to policing, by starting at the heart of most illegal use of excessive force by the hands of out of control law enforcement officers as witnessed by other officers.

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1. Amend the Police "Code of Conduct" policy/procedures to include:

(A) Law enforcement supervisors and line officers are required to intervene when an officer uses excessive force.
(B) when officers are repeatedly beating/kicking a restrained person supervisors and line officers must stop the excessive force and arrest the offending officers.
(C) If a person is not attacking anyone the FBI state that if officers use lethal force against a person that is unjustifiable homicide.

2. Train/re-train specific step by step , minimum to maximum force to the highest use of force in attempts to deescalate violence when time and situations permit officers to apply them.

3. Work with our organization to improve on the trust the public has for law enforcement by monitoring, offering other alternatives to methods and equipment to lessen stress and risk situations.

Jerry Atlansky-Chairperson
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On July 24, 2007 Oregon Treasury Division responded to our Letter To All Oregonians with Randall Edwards full response, below is our reply to his response and two months later Mr. Edwards failed to take any action to save lives every year and many millions of dollars. Our final determination is Mr. Edwards is derelict of his duties to save money of the states funds whenever possible which would also make the law enforcement bureaus more effective and help stop the rogue cops illegal actions.

Oregon Treasury wrote:

Mr. Atlansky,

Thank you for your email message to the State Treasurer Randall Edwards.

The State Treasurer's authority and scope of duties do not extend to law
enforcement at the local or the state level. It would be inappropriate
for the State Treasurer to become involved in this issue.
Thank you.

*PLEASE read to the very end of this e-mail Many thanks! Jerry Atlansky

-----Original Message-----

From: Jerry and/or Susan Atlansky [mailto: js@atlansky.com] Sent: Saturday,
July 07, 2007 10:23 AM
To: Oregon Treasury
Subject: Update: Washington County Sheriff Rob Gordon refuses to protect
the public from rogue cops

Saturday-July 7, 2007

Jerry Atlansky-Chairperson
Oregon State Police-
Independent Citizens Review Board

State Treasurer Randall Edwards
Oregon State Capitol
Salem, Oregon

Subject: United States Law Enforcement Is Two Major Steps Towards "A Police State!" Washington County Sheriff Gordon refuses to protect the public from rogue cops


In the fall of 2005 after the horrific police action against Fouad
Kaady, the 27 year old man that needed medical help as he was naked,
bleeding, burned,in shock, and had no weapons when he was located near
the city of Sandy, Oregon a Sandy Police Officer and a Clackamas County
Sheriff didn't want to get blood on them, and left a Police shotgun
unsecured on top of a police vehicle. The Police tased Kaady twice and then the cops shot and killed Kaady with 7 bullets. The cops said, Kaady said I'm going to kill you, but many witnesses said they heard no threat from
Kaady against anyone. Per the F.B.I. that is non-justifiable homicide
as Kaady didn't attack anyone.

I called the top police official in the training division of Oregon
State Police and asked Lt.Fred, what must an officer do when he sees
another officer repeatedly beating/kicking a restrained person? Lt.
Fred said, the witnessing officer must assist in the arrest and report
the incident. I said what good would that do if the victim is maimed
for life or dies due to the police brutality? Not until I said I will
form a citizens oversight board did Lt. Fred say, I will take two steps
to make that change.

Seven months later Lt. Fred's top superior, Superintendent Ruecker failed
to reply to our letters and telephone calls to verify the changes we
requested to amend their policy/procedures, add new training and work
with our oversight board to require all officers and their supervisors
to intervene when an officer is using excessive force as it is
their duty too do so. We notified all Oregon State Legislators of this
non-response from Supt. Ruecker so they pressured Ruecker's superior which
forced Ruecker to send us their code of conduct and a cover letter
admitting that Ruecker had setup no specific data that we requested of changes to protect all Oregonians from police brutality. On December 1, 2006 Supt. Ruecker resigned as he said for the betterment of members, his family
and Oregonians. Lt. Fred also resigned in 2006 as he was pressured
too do so. On March 12, 2007 Supt. Ruecker's replacement, Acting Supt. McLain said in answer to my question as we secured on video/audio tape at his senate
hearing was, the person should file a complaint. If that was his family
member getting beaten would that be his same answer?

Sheriff Roberts of Clackamas County, their top cop failed to respond to
our registered letter for 6 months asking the same question so we
contacted all the Clackamas County Commissioners and they required
Roberts to respond to us. A repeat of NO changes in their
policy/procedures, training and they will not work with our oversight
board to protect all Oregonians from police brutality.

On July 4, 2006 we sent a registered letter to the Police Chief, Skelton
of Sandy, Oregon again asking for the same documents; policy/procedure,
training and reporting to our oversight board as stated above and
without any surprise to us NO response from the the police chief.

> On Feb. 20, 2007 I asked Portland Police Chief Sizer at a public meeting,Chief's Forum the same question, what would you do if you saw one of your officers repeatedly beating/kicking a restrained person? Chief Sizer said, I answered that question, which I replied that is a false statement! We received another video/audio tape that proves our allegation that Chief failed to respond to our police brutality question. We sent a registered letter to Chief Sizer to give her another chance to answer our dire question and she failed again to
respond as we received NO letter or telephone call on this matter from

On June 18, 2007 Washington County Sheriff Rob Gordon replied to our, Open Letter To All Oregonians that he respects all the five top cops we named even though he doesn't know any of them, current policy/procedures
are working just fine, training in place is extensive and well thought out, and police oversight boards are too political to do an effective job. Sheriff Gordon failed to address our three steps to reform law enforcement until we asked him direct questions and amazing as it may seem he was the first of all the top cops we have highlighted that states, his supervisors, deputies and himself would intervene if an officer is repeatedly beating/kicking a restrained person. Will Sheriff Gordon amend his Code of Conduct policy/procedures, add new training and work with our oversight board, not in this lifetime.....he talks the talk but refuses to walk the walk.

Since the Nixon White house we have had a meltdown in personal

All 6 top cops were made aware they are in violation of their sworn
oaths of office, and many violations of Oregon State and United States
Constitution Laws and that this data has been given to federal agencies
as our very top state officials, the governor & the attorney General
condone the 6 top cops wrong, illegal actions/inactions. The attorney
general was pressured to author a new bill, Senate Bill 111, "Police Excessive
Force" but refused to even consider our formal 3 amendments to the
senate bill to protect all Oregonians as stated above to all the 6 top
cops of Oregon.

The amendments we are requesting to the Code of Conduct should read:
1. Law Enforcement supervisors and line officers are required to intervene when an officer uses excessive force as it is their duty.
2. When officers are repeatedly beating/kicking a restrained person supervisors and line officers must stop the excessive force and arrest the offending officers.
3. If a person is not attacking anyone the F.B.I. state that if lethal force is used against a person that is unjustifiable homicide.
Without specific policy/procedures we will continue with police reports final determinations on excessive force use as, "No Department Police/Procedures violated."

WE THE PEOPLE, are convinced that from the very top Oregon State Officials, Governor Kulongoski, Attorney General Myers, former and current O.S.P Superintendent's Ruecker & McLain, Sheriff Roberts Clackamas County, Portland Police Chief Sizer, Police Chief Skelton City
of Sandy and Sheriff Gordon Washington County not only refuse to protect
all Oregonians from Rogue Cops, they don't care about the people that were killed in unjustifiable homicides by out of control cops which stole about 130 years away from Rubio, Kaady & Chasse men & shattered their families and friends lives. In the last 10 months these 3 cases were filed in the federal courts of Oregon and are expected to exceed over $100 million which will drain the funds to operate effective law enforcement agencies.

The contempt for law and the contempt for the human consequence of lawbreaking go from the bottom to the top of American society. Margaret Mead

State Treasurer Mr. Edwards, will you please assist us to help stop the over

150 years of "Police Code of Silence & Testilying?"

What happens in Oregon goes Nationwide.

Jerry Atlansky
 js@atlansky.com 24/366

Randall Edwards-State Treasurer
Oregon State
Salem, Oregon

Dear Mr. Edwards,

We thank you for responding to our letter to all Oregonians giving many facts that 6 top cops in Oregon refuse to protect the public from rogue cops when other officers are witnessing unjustifiable brutality and lethal force. If one of your staff members submitted a very well thought out plan to save the state $100 million a year would you tell them you don't have the authority to act on that project? We are not asking you to fire anyone, demote anyone nor force anyone to take action, what we are asking is if you care about the safety of all Oregonians and their tax money it is your duty to advise the superiors of all 6 top cops to honor their oaths of office as they are making over $600 thousand dollars a year and breaking the civil rights of our citizens.

Please send us copies of your communications so we will be made aware progress is being made on this dire matter.
Failure to do so and we will add your name and inaction to the hundreds of letters we are sending to all Oregonians each day.

Best regards,

Jerry Atlansky
 js@atlansky.com 24/366

proud but concerned 14.Nov.2007 07:02


What you did was brave and strong and you are a beautiful person. You should not be standing up alone! What are others doing about this downtown? I have also seen homeless and mentally ill people being harassed by both police and the 'clean & safe' goons, but did not have the grit you have. I am going to call Sisters of the Road this morning to see if they are dealing with this at all. They do such good work for the homeless and vulnerable people of our community, surely they have an idea about what is happening. I wonder of there are other groups we might contact and put an end to this unwarranted bullying. We will also be calling the Portland Business Alliance to express our shock and disgust. Our community, as Matilda said, is diverse and should be open to all people. If we want to have a CLEAN community, perhaps we should build a movie set and live in it with Truman.

Numbers to Call 14.Nov.2007 07:18


Should you feel disposed to vent your feelings about the "clean and safe" environment downtown, in the "City that Works," you might want to tell the Portland Alliance of your concerns:
Phone: 503.224.8684
Fax: 503.323.9186

I am sure that they would love to hear from you. I, for one, do not fight the city traffic and parking to come to the "clean and safe" streets and do business with all of the special merchants in the area. I come for the people and the atmosphere, and coincidentally spend a little cash. The people means all of the people, not just the ones that the rentacops deem to be important.

Timing is Everything 14.Nov.2007 08:39


Strangely, as I had the one eye on briefly yesterday afternoon, an image of Officer Beauty flew up. Now, whenever this king of the Aryans shows up on my screen, I pay attention. KATU of Li2U fame it seems, was planning a segment on the babel hour tonight, where Mr. Myers was clearly harassing and annoying yet another citizen. I felt compelled to allow my recorder to taint itself recording the hour of insanity, just in case there was anything of interest. This morning, I sped through all of the other meaningless drivel (although I paused briefly to view the OHSU footage, knowing the corp side would be laughable, and it was), until Officer Beauty's magnificent frame filled the tv frame. There he was, in his usual best demeanor, all in the face of a woman of color, who obviously did not wish him to be there. He kept blocking her path (allegedly he knew her to be a "crack head.), and asking if she would allow him to search her, to which she replied clearly, several times, "No you may not. Why have you stopped me?" He kept pestering her, detaining her, and getting all in her face, until she made the mistake of emptying her pockets for him, and he managed to "find" a crack pipe in her hand, although she had no idea how it got there. Of course, he then rid our streets of this vermin, who was harming no one, and the corporate shill went on, in their usual fashion, throwing down a stack of reports, allegedly all of her felony convictions, thus making Myers' violation of her constitutional rights acceptable, at least in the eyes, of Li2U.
Helluva town.

Thank You 14.Nov.2007 09:34


Thankyou for speaking out:
I myself, many times have put my self in that position. And like you, have received thanks for speaking out from the silent audience. I once did it on Max to a trouble-making teenager being egged on by his friends.Max was silent as I lectured this boy on his violent conduct.Then I asked him to leave the max.Suddenly, the whole Max car was full of people shouting to him , LEAVE....
But, I like you, have on many occasions also done this for people being singled out and harrassed by the police. The officer would yell, STAND BACK, WHO ARE YOU? I would reply, I am a CITIZEN OF AMERICA AND OF PORTLAND OREGON.
Thankyou for doing what you did. Many people support actions like what you did, but cannot find it within themselves to initiate it. PEACE

You Rock 14.Nov.2007 15:47

Mother of Sam

Thank you for standing up, thank you for writing about it. You are not alone - WE are not alone, but I think we have forgotten that, and that is why we are feeling defeated. You did a good thing, and you spoke for people who are rarely heard. As a formerly homeless person and a current advocate for the homeless.

Useless bully cops for the business sector, hired guns 14.Nov.2007 21:55

Matthew McDaniel akhalife@gmail.com

I commend you for standing up to police officers like this, they have degnerated to nazi thugs.

A friend of mine the other day said there was a time when cops were fun, when you could talk with them, when they would show you their car or their motorbike.

Now they are just power hungry bullying assholes.

They are the hired killers for the businesses that want to monopolize life in our communities.

In Salem, that fucking bitch Janet Taylor, calls her self some low class mayor, she got rid of our Kiosks.

She is a liar. She said that the kiosks would be replaced, that there would be a plan, she took our public spaces.

Fuck civil servants who have forgotten who it is they serve.

Bravo! 15.Nov.2007 14:51


I am so proud of your ability to maintain throughout. I am afraid that I would have been screaming at the rentacop. My late friend Amber was horrified when the green coats came on the scene about the time that the border patrol was let loose on our southern border with Mexico. She maintained that they would be the future "mano blanco" of assassins of the police state. Thank you thank you for demonstrating to others that we must all stand up to this thuggery.

Good Job. 16.Nov.2007 00:13


These phony cops need to be challenged every time they do something illegal. They have no more power than any other citizen.

Last Friday, I attended the Portland Peaceful Response action in Pioneer Courthouse Square, which had a featured action in solidarity with the lawyers demonstrating for the rule of law and Constitution against dictator Pervez Musharraf. One of the lawyers was speaking to a gathering crowd through a bullhorn, and the Portland Patrol security guard immediately started making a stink about him using an amplified device in the Square.

Two other lawyers, myself, and Will Seaman immediately engaged the guard and his supervisor, indicating that they were acting under color of law and could not legally suppress the speech. Seaman also indicated that the speeches were accepted for all the time the weekly protests have happened. The guards were engaged long enough for the two speakers to give their speeches before the march, and all was well.

The Portland Patrol needs to be confronted at every turn; the Portland Business Alliance has too much unelected power in this city. Fortunately, their pet Mayoral and City Council candidates, Jim Francesconi and Ginny Burdick, were defeated, partly because of exposure of Portland Business Alliance support of them.

PPI, PPD... they all strongarm and harass us!!! 19.Nov.2007 02:09

Isis Zero isis006@hotmail.com

my name is Isis.. i have been a streetkid in portland for the past two years, and this incident is a very common one for people like me. not only does portland patrol inc send their fake officers to harass us, but the police do it as well.

i have watched the police officers that frequent the waterfront do nothing but harass the homeless down there. and what i heard come out of one of their mouths absolutely disgusted me and made me want to slap him. there was an old homeless man trying to sleep on a bench down there. the cops came up, poked him, and started asking him, who are you, whos your p.o. (yes, they profile us and think were all on probation), what do you think youre doing in my park, where do u live, do u have a job.. just completely giving the guy the third degree.. the officer then went into his high and mighty bullshit spiel about well, u dont work and u dont pay taxes. tax dollars pay for this park so you have no right to be here, get out of my park (yes, this jerkoff cop said "my park").. NOW HOLD ON RIGHT THERE LITTLE PIGGY!!! who do these people think they are to tell someone something like that?? yes it is a public park, yes tax dollars pay for that park, but who in the hell do you think u are to tell someone they have no right to be there and they dont count as "public"? that man they harassed is an old messed up vietnam veteran. that man lost his sanity and his ability to work like everyone else when he went and served his country and protected our freedom.. that jerkoff officer shouldnt have told him to get out of "his park" (no u stupid cop, its not ur park, its a public park!)that dumbass cop shouldve thanked that man for giving up what has obviously been so much and bought him a cup of coffee or something.. if anything, that homeless man was the public, he is part of the reason there still is public.. that man has more right to be sitting in that park than any of us, cops included..

i have called PPI to report an "officer" because he likes to go to the waterfront park and he will sit there on his bike for hours upon hours at a time just watching absolutely nothing, not moving at all, thinking he is being a special statue maintaining peace and order in the park. the only reason that would concern me is because PPI told me they are funded by the parks and recreation bureau (which would also make me wonder why these people arent just in the parks btw) but if they are, then why are my tax dollars paying for his lazy ass to sit in a park all day doing absolutely nothing?!?! i dont know about u, but offer me 18 bucks an hour paid by public taxdollars just to sit in one spot all day staring at the clouds (pay my taxes to pay myself, seems like a good deal to me)

i have also called PPI because there is a tall skinny patrol guy who rides through the waterfront almost every day.. every time i go, i usually see him.. now every time i see him i yell out that hes a pervert and a chomo because one day i saw him riding through, and he slowed down and did a full body turn to check out three females walking along the waterfront.. now the real problem i had with that was that there was absolutely no way these girls were older than 15.. it was overwhelmingly apparent that they were minors, and this sick fuck had the nerve to check them out!! damn right i reported that! someone should put that asshole in jail! i cant think of anything more wrong than something like that!

yes, the vast majority of these people are crooked lazy liars trying to strongarm the public into submission. they dont care about any of us in any way, other than if they mess with us, they get more money for their business. and they are going to continue to do it because no one is standing up. no one is calling over and over and making them follow the law as well..

PEOPLE NEED TO REMEMBER THAT ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TO UPHOLD THE LAW AND THEY ARE NOT THE LAW!! THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW!!! the only reason they think they are is because none of you are taking a stand. youre sitting there letting these people have control they have no right to, especially by law. YOU ARE LETTING THEM VIOLATE YOU AND YOUR RIGHTS BECAUSE U DO NOT STAND UP FOR THEM!!

i give mad props to matilda for standing up and saying something to asshole long of the PPI, but it saddens me to read where she says i wouldve called but what would be the point.. that is what everyone says to themselves matilda.. if all of you stopped saying that and just did it, there would be a big point to it.. nothing happens now because no one calls, no one reports these people, no one makes sure justice is going both ways.. if everyone that wanted to call and report an incident like this did, yes, something would be done because that is all these people do all day every day. every time i go downtown that is all i see these people doing, is harassing others.. if everyone that was harassed or witnessed their harassment called, they wouldnt have a choice but to do something because their phones would NEVER stop ringing!!!

the point would be youre trying to right a wrong that youre tax dollars are paying for... pay attention to to PPD and the PPI.. anytime you see any of them, theyre harassing someone.. dont just sit there and think, well theyre not messing with me.. no, theyre just not messing with you YET... and the more everyone refuses to take the initiative to stop this, the more theyre going to do it (id do whatever u let me get away with too), and the more of a chance that the next time it might be you or someone you care about that they pull this bullshit on...


Call City Hall, not PPI 19.Nov.2007 19:02


"if all of you stopped saying that and just did it, there would be a big point to it.. nothing happens now because no one calls, no one reports these people, no one makes sure justice is going both ways."

I think what Matilda was saying was, there is no point to calling PPI about this guy, because they are in collusion. They aren't going to be the ones taking these mercenaries off the streets, because this is their bread and butter. Matilda is right. There is no point in calling them about their patrolman, because friendlier oppressors
are still oppressors. We do not want this one person replaced: We want them ALL OFF OUR STREETS.

So no, there is no point in calling the number on the card ofc Long tried not to give her. Instead, we need to all be calling city hall.

you should contact local media with this story, like me 20.Nov.2007 11:11

Alex Ansary, Outside the Box alex_ansary@hotmail.com

Im salivating right now, as I pray you call me on the phone, and let me help you expand the report. my email contact is always present in my comments and articles.

um... this IS the local media. 20.Nov.2007 17:50

but thanks anyway....

Portland indymedia IS "the local media." And no need to contact anyone here. No high priests of information required. Instead, we can all post out own stories right here. Like this one. See? There it is. In the local media.

But thanks....