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Police Use Excessive Force in Opening up OLY Port

This morning, [Nov 10] the Olympia police force showed up in riot gear, clearly ready to use force to disperse the anti-war protestors who had blockaded the 2 entrances to the Port. As the sun began to rise after a rainy night, the truckers, Port workers and soldiers began to arrive.

The anti-war protestors were engaged in civil disobedience and fully expected to be arrested. And that could have been handled peacefully without the use of excessive force. However, the police had pepper spray and they used it—spraying people directly in the face. It is important to note that the protestors were sitting in front of the barricade. They were not engaging in any action against the police nor were they resisting. One police officer in particular who did not have a badge number on his helmet began pepper spraying. The sitting demonstrators were roughly picked up, some were dragged, some may have been pummeled—and a few of the police took special delight in throwing them into the gravel parking lot.

Curiously, the police kept anyone who looked like an anti-war activist off the sidewalk near the Port (and not all of them were) but seemed perfectly OK to let a few pro-war folks stay unmolested on the sidewalk. WTF? Why do the police have two standards for who can remain on a public sidewalk?

Port Liberation Front Communication (RE: The Last 3 Days) | 11/9/07 video | Photoset from PMR Olympia |Thirteen arrested while containing military convoys traveling through Olympia

Olympia Port Militarization Resistance Nov 10 '07
Olympia Port Militarization Resistance Nov 10 '07
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