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Chris "Dirt" McIntosh in need of support

Chris "Dirt" McIntosh is currently in his 3rd year of an 8-year sentence for arson at a McDonald's in Seattle. (see  http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002688656_mcdonalds17m.html)
His website is no longer active.
Please write to Chris and add him to your support lists. He can be reached at:

Chris McIntosh #30512-013
USP Hazelton
PO Box 2000
Bruceton Mills, WV 26525
Statement from Chris McIntosh

Some time ago, I asked the movement to remove my name from prisoner lists and support efforts. Unfortunately, because at the time my reasons for doing so were in conflict with certain persons' ideologies, my prepared statement was not posted on my website. So it seemed as though I took my leave without explanation, which was not the case. Also, it seemed like I was "quitting." But that was not and still is not the case.

I had become frustrated and disillusioned by the resistance to evolution within the struggle. I see evolution as one of the main principles to be harnessed in order to escape the entropic fate that destroys all life that doesn't progress in being or survival tactics. Also, I don't understand why the foremost natural law - might makes right - is not held paramount. The fact we have no inherent rights other than what we conquer through our manifest physical will.

Now I still don't understand why those principles have not become the North star of our resistance movement, but I realize after much contemplation and reflection upon my responsibility in the struggle for the preservation of all life, bailing out was not the most responsible step and not the healthiest choice.

So it is, I humbly request that those who still care for my situation and would in some way help in the support of my personal struggle during this incarceration by whatever is in their means - be it a letter or much needed funds (would be much appreciated) as my diet and maintenance of such is still an issue, commissary funds are necessary. The Administration is and has been very unsympathetic to the veg diets of the prisoners here. It has even caused me, at times, to eat meat - which is a strain on me.

Also I need mental and emotional support. This institution being a U.S.P. (maximum security) sees a lot of violence - stabbings, attempted murders... We are on lockdown for our second murder in a little over a year as I write this. I am also struggling with the race dynamics here. Ignorant behavior finds some way to oppress you no matter where you turn and creates high race tension. I have fought hard and long to combat within myself the anger and hatred caused by this tension. As I move through time further and further from the streets and the good people I knew this situation seems more and more like reality and I need help in grounding myself back on the other side of this wall.

I need your help to regain my sense of hope for the future in a place where survival is not guaranteed. I need your help to maintain my long held anarchist beliefs in this environment of debased sickening individuals.

I appreciate your help.
Your anarchist brother in continued resistance
-Chris "Dirt" McIntosh
13 October 2007

PS. I don't think any of the people that were doing my support will be available to do it again, so I'm thinking even low level support will be better than none.

photo 12.Nov.2007 09:28


here is a photo of Chris
Chris McIntosh
Chris McIntosh

I'm no pacifist, yet... 12.Nov.2007 12:58


Responding to Dirt's text, quoted below:

"I don't understand why the foremost natural law - might makes right - is not held paramount. The fact we have no inherent rights other than what we conquer through our manifest physical will.

"Now I still don't understand why those principles have not become the North star of our resistance movement..."

First of all, let me say how horrific federal prison is. I feel awful for Dirt to have to experience the conditions extant there. Those conditions, along with little access to people with whom he can process his experiences, may in some part account for his words above.

There may be violent approaches to changing the power set-up that could contribute to some degree of change; I can't really comment on that here. (And let me be sure to write that I wouldn't participate in them for a variety of reasons.) But to imagine that one might change that power set-up through "our manifest physical will" and a resistance movement based on that... Well, such an approach would be lacking any decent assessment of existing conditions vis-a-vis that power set-up.

That is to say, power has the guns, and resistors are overwhelmingly outnumbered and out-organized. No one should die, or worse, in a quixotic campaign of projecting force against global conglomerated wealth and its near-complete surveillance and control network.

Yet power consists of something else that Dirt may want to read about and consider: memes and narratives and the systems that make them manifest. No amount of wielding "our manifest physical will" can change those conditions -- and that wielding *may* simply be another manifestation of the systems we would seek to change.

I could go on, but I believe the point is made.

Another path might be taking apart the phrase "our resistance movement." It's very likely that there is no actual "us," and it's a near certainty that there's no "resistance movement" as such. As people are thinking and acting, it's worth considering that acting in "resistance" mode is futile - and nigh on to impossible, anyway. At this late stage of anthropogenic destruction and terror and discourse obfuscation, we may not know why and for whom we are acting and resisting. We could be another stage of loyal opposition, manipulated pieces on a board game managed by laughing hyenas in the service of wealth.

If Dirt could watch a film, I'd send him "What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire"

website and email 17.Nov.2007 07:49

Support Chris McIntosh

a support website and email have been set up for Chris McIntosh: