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Riots in Spain after fascist soldier killed 16 year old antifascist in metro

yesterday a 16 year old antifascist was killed with a machete by a 24 year old fascist soldier in the metro of madrid, spain. the comrade of the 16 year old was hit in the lung, but survived.
the soldier was on his way to a fascist protest march in the city when he saw the 2 antifascists.
killed by a spanish neo-nazi
killed by a spanish neo-nazi
riots and protests in many spanish cities yesterday.

Anti-Fascist Killed in Action. 13.Nov.2007 00:45


Young Antifascist murdered by Nazi scumbag in Madrid. Rising levels of Fascist violence across "Spain" facilitated by the state.

Today an antifascist activist was stabbed in the heart when on his way to a demo in Madrid.

A nazi group called Democracia Nacional had called for a demo against immigration in a popular neighborhood in town, where many foregin nationals live, mainly latin american workers.

This fascist act had been authorised by the local governement, from the conservative party. Another demo was called by antifascist groups to defend the area. While on his way there, the comrade, only 16 years of age, together with some friends, spotted a guy sporting nazi paraphernalia on the underground. When "called to attention", the bastard pulled out a knife, stabbed Carlos, the comrade, in the heart, and another antifascist militant in the lung, while trying to run out of the tube station. Carlos died, the other guy has been badly hurt, but doctors say he will live.

The others in the group of antifascists chased the bastard, and beat him within an inch of his life, until the police arrived and attacked the antifascists. The nazi is (was) a service person, in the spanish army. He is now in a critical condition in hospital, where I hope he will die soon.

Also, a guy in the antifascist lot was hurt when police shot him in the eye with a rubber bullet.
There´s been demos all over the state, many ending in riots, which in turn have seen some arrested and wounded by the police. You can see pictures on  http://klinamen.org article3360.html

This is particularly worrying, if it could be any more, by the fact that the 20th of November, the traditional show down between the scum and the antifascists is so close. That´s the anniversary of Franco´s death, when the fascists always call for a demo that every year is swiftly countered. So there will be more violence to come.....

16 years old. Fuck.