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Toxic Free Kid's Toys Campaign by Washington Toxics Coalition

This seems appropriate to repost given the time of year we're going into.. even if you don't live in washington, maybe you'll find this of interest and maybe worth getting involved in on some level. I did.

Toxic-Free Toys Campaign

The home page for the Washington Toxics Coalition's Safer Products for Kids Campaign

Elmo RecalledDuring the summer of 2007, millions of parents were faced with the unenviable task of taking away some of their children's most beloved toys because of dangerous lead paint. Toy manufacturers recalled millions of toys, including such favorites as Thomas the Tank Engine, Dora, and Elmo. Read more about the recalls.

All of these recalls have left parents asking "What's in my child's toy box? Why is it that in 2007 children's products are still allowed to have toxic chemicals in them?"
It's Not Just About Lead and ToysBoy With Sippy Cup

The sad truth is that there are many toxic chemicals used in everyday children's products. Jewelry, clothing, shampoo, baby bibs, and car seats are just a few of the products that contain toxic chemicals that have been shown to cause harm to children. Read more about choosing safer toys and children's products.
Nobody Minding the Store

Why are hazardous chemicals still allowed in children's products? The frightening answer is that the federal government rarely regulates commonly used chemicals in products, even those meant for children, despite current scientific understanding of the hazards of many of these chemicals. Read more about the problem of toxic toys.
The Sensible Solution

Parents should be able to buy toys and other products for their children without fear that toxic ingredients might harm them.

Washington state should adopt sensible policies that will:

* Require manufacturers of children's products sold in Washington state to disclose the chemicals content of their products;
* Require manufacturers of children's products to use safer chemicals and materials in their products; and
* Provide support to help businesses make the products that we need without polluting our children's bodies and environment.