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Port Liberation Front Communication (RE: The Last 3 Days)


Disclaimer: This communication focuses only on actions in which the PLF was involved. Other groups have covered the minute by minute details better than we can at the present moment.

On Thursday, November 8th, members of OlyPMR and the PLF arrived in front of the main gate to the Port of Olympia. Graffiti began to be thrown up and objects collected from all over the surrounding area for physical barricades. Prior to arriving, the PLF was not privy to any of the power struggles of the local activist community and was not aware of the factions present on the streets that day.

A physical barricade was constructed at a key intersection near the port. Just as it was close to being finished a non-physical fight erupted among the 100+ people there. It is sufficient to merely say that far too much energy was expended in fighting each other and that many people felt marginalized and impotent because of this. The PLF, as was stated earlier, was not involved and did not care about any of the power struggles between the factions in the liberal community. The PLF was only there to help in shutting down the Port by whatever means available. A physical blockade seemed a good way to accomplishing this goal.

After the fight, the barricade was taken down. Many people left after this. The PLF would like to say this before moving on to Friday: If an Iraqi mother who had lost her entire family could have seen the disgusting spectacle that took place on Thursday night, she would hate the citizens of this country even more. The Strykers within the port massacre people in Iraq. On Wednesday night people stood right in front of those death machines. And fought each other.

On Friday, November 9th, the idea of the physical barricade remained in the minds of the people out on the streets. In addition to blocking off the main gate of the port, a large physical blockade made up of an overturned trailer, dumpsters, 200+ pound cement blocks and other assorted items was constructed on the read leading to the only other port gate. The barricade was held all Friday night.

On Saturday morning the pigs arrived in riot gear. A group of people chose to link arms and stand in front of the barricade. There were not enough people to physically defend the barricade. The pigs moved in and pepper sprayed those in the human blockade and had bulldozers come and destroy the barricade. All around the port our allies had left their marks. We controlled a street for 13 hours. The police and their resources have been stretched thin in Olympia. They cannot be everywhere.

The rest of Saturday morning and afternoon was a series of decentralized actions aimed at blockading the intersection which the Strykers would use to get out of Olympia. Countless dumpsters were pushed out into the streets by roving bands of operatives. The blockades which took too long were shut down. Those that were quick and incessant were more effective. We can ALL move faster than the cops. Having meetings during actions ensures that the cops move quicker than us. DO NOT HAVE MEETINGS AT ACTIONS!

Many attempts at direct action were stopped by liberals today. However, they definitely happened less frequently than many of us are used to. The PLF would like to remind everyone that we should respect each other even though we may disagree ideologically. Liberals today seemed to recognize this (although often before it was too late). We will do what we have and want to do. You should do what you want to do. Today showed that our action supplement each others. We do not stop you. Do not stop us. We have no wish to see our common enemy, the police, brutalize more people than it already has.

The police are cowards. We are not allowed to fight back out of fear of long jail sentences. The police called people "pussies" and "wimps" because they were too afraid of 10 years in jail or a bullet in the head. The police are weak human beings covered in armor and weapons. They can do what they want. If we fight back we get thrown in jail. Do you see how sick they are, yet? How these people LOVE their power and exploit it. Show these monsters no compassion because they have none for you. The pictures and footage from today (Saturday) are proof enough to those of you who are far away. To those there today, this should all be obvious. If you can get away with it, and there is an opportunity, FIGHT BACK!

The PLF feels as if things in Olympia are finally changing and that those who once held militants in contempt are beginning to see the utility of certain tactics. The PLF and its allies do not want to fight against our comrades on the street in front of the pigs. We took over the town today, everyone. This town is ours.

See you on the streets!

Be safe! Be smart! Be bold, bold, bold!

-Port Liberation Front