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Stryker assault vehicle arrested at Port of Olympia

A flatbed truck carrying a Stryker assault vehicle returning from Iraq has been arrested by PMR at the Port of Olympia
As of approximately 15 minutes ago, a flatbed carrying a Stryker has been arrested by PMR. The truck was blocked, at which point the driver committed vehicular assault, using the truck to push people (number unnkown) out of the way. The driver was placed under citizen's arrest, but did not comply. A Securitas guard was also arrested and did not comply. 911 was called, and the police do not appear to be honoring these valid, legal citizen's arrests.

As of 3.24, the flatbed truck is surrounded at the Franklin Street entrance to the Port of Olympia by approximately 100-150 people and is not moving.


from the daily zero - looks like the city can't handle the protest 09.Nov.2007 16:49


Protesters block Stryker; police say convoys are done for today

The Olympian

About 50 people, some with arms interlocked, blocked an 18-wheeler carrying a Stryker at the entrance to the Port of Olympia about 3:20 p.m. today Strykers had been moved individually throughout the day.
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No further convoys are planned today because police didn't have the resources at the port entrance to deal with protesters, said Olympia Police Lt. Ray Holmes. A Stryker and two cargo containers remained at the port entrance at 4 p.m.

two trucks stopped by protesters 09.Nov.2007 17:17


Two trucks were stopped, one with a stryker and another with cargo. After a long standoff, the Olympia Police decided not to intervene at this time and the two trucks backed up into the port.
People are still there.
Here are some pictures.
stopping the truck
stopping the truck
on the ground
on the ground
2 trucks stopped
2 trucks stopped

middle photo 09.Nov.2007 19:45


That middle photo is an award winner. If you want national attention on this issue, get that photo in the right hands.

Incredible! 09.Nov.2007 21:58


Congratulations on a job well done!

We are so proud of you! 10.Nov.2007 04:08


The people involved in this protest are heroes and I know everyone is proud and behind them 100%. I had no idea this was going on. Good job alerting us all and I hope these kinds of movements grow. Great job!

to Mollie re: photos 11.Nov.2007 13:40


Mollie, if you could contact me at  carrijl@comcast.net I'd like to use your middle photo on the OMJP web site (www.omjp.org) and attribute it to you, if you like.