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Campesino Activist Assassinated in Brazil by Transnational Corporation with Cascadia Ties

A corporate agri-tech giant with its fingers prodding suspiciously around Cascadia has blood on its hands, and you should know about it. Agri-giant Syngenta has secretly tested its genetically modified crops on Oregon farmland, against the will of the majority of Cascadians. This same transnational corporation secretly helped to funnel more than $5 million into an Oregon election to defeat a ballot measure that would have required, for the first time in the nation, that GM crops be labeled before being foisted off on consumers. Bizarrely, Syngenta is also a sustaining member of the "Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation," a pro-industry propaganda generator that seeks to colonize the minds of our children. And now, Syngenta is a corporate killer.
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