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Free Geek receives International award for promoting FOSS

Free Geek receives International award for promoting FOSS

Nov 1st, 2007
Free Geek has been awarded the international Chris Nichol FOSS Prize
"doing extraordinary work to make FOSS accessible to ordinary
users." The award is given annually by the Association for
Communications (APC) to acknowledge organizations working with FOSS,
Free and Open Source Software that is free to users and has an open
source code so any user can view and modify it.

FREE GEEK is a 501(c)(3) not for profit community organization in
southeast Portland that recycles used technology to provide computers,
education, internet access and job skills training to those in need in
exchange for community service. Volunteers at Free Geek earn free
computers and local community organizations are granted computers that
are loaded with FOSS, thus introducing hundreds of people each year to
such software. Free Geek shares the 2007 award with NepalLinux.

Free Geek was one of seven finalists for the award, and the only
finalist from the U.S. Other finalists were from Spain, Argentina,
South Korea, Brazil and Nepal.

"This is a wonderful honor and opportunity," Seamus Campbell, chair of
the Free Geek board of directors said. "I'm thrilled that our
organization has been recognized by the jury. The APC, and the other
prize nominees, are exactly the kinds of groups that Free Geek should
connecting with--a global community of like-minded individuals, with
shared goals of social, ecological, and technological justice. "

The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) launched this
in memory of Chris Nichol, a tireless activist and supporter of FOSS
promotion who passed away in 2005 at age 29. The APC is an
international network of civil society organizations dedicated to
empowering and supporting groups and individuals working for peace,
human rights, development and protection of the environment, through
strategic use of information and communication technologies, including
the Internet. APC is an active participant in high level international

information and communicative technologies policy discussions with the
United Nations.

Earlier this year, Free Geek was selected a recipient of a Spirit of
Portland award by Mayor Tom Potter, and it has been named a "Founder of

the New Northwest" by Sustainable Northwest and an E-chievement Award
from National Public Radio's E-Town.

Free Geek: www.freegeek.org
APC: www.apc.org
NepaLinux:  http://www.nepalinux.org/