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Corvallis Officer Cox on Paid Suspension for over 1 month

CPD Officer Cox was placed on paid suspension over a month ago but no information has been forthcoming!
There have been reports of Officer Cox pulling people over without cause, following people for long distances until the finally make a mistake so he can pull them over, arresting people without cause, and a few reports of possible inappropriate behavior with women during stops. In light of Portland's Finest (Matthew Kohnke) taking a plea over his molestation of several women people are starting to wonder what Cox has been suspended for. Will the CPD be allowed to sweep his misconduct under the rug? The blue wall seems to be up on this one does anyone know what Cox was suspended for?

Paid Suspension?!? 30.Oct.2007 13:43

Granny M.

...sounds like VACATION to me. If these people are fired, do they have to pay back the 'suspension' pay? This is taxpayer money and these are our employees.

Officer Cox... 31.Oct.2007 00:25

Dama Brockmann CADC alandama@msn.com

I worked as an alcohol & drug Counselor in Corvallis for a couple years (2005 & 2006)most my clients were college age students who had received a DUII or been arrested for some type of substance use misconduct, I must say that usually around 2/3rds of all the clients that came through treatment with me had been arrested by officer Cox,in fact it was almost unbelievable that one officer in a town the size of Corvallis could make so many arrests, yes he would wait for people to pull away from an establishment that served alcohol and pull them over a block or so down the road with some bogus claim that they swerved or didn't use their blinker, or their license plate light was burnt out usually always bogus.. I also had many confidential sessions with pretty college age girls that told me that he unappropiatly (spell) touched them during the arrest. I heard through some of my clients that Cox had a couple law suits surrounding this issue. All I know is that out of approximatly 20 clients setting in my group session you could bet that around 13 or 14 of those group members (almost all college age) had been arrested by officer Cox.

paid suspension 31.Oct.2007 16:21

k_rosey48@hotmail.com rosey

i hope the time counts against his vacation,sick time, and retirement! (day for day)

Gazette Times Refuses To Report 01.Nov.2007 00:52

concerned about media consolidation

The local Corvallis paper the Gazette Times has gone through quite a bit of consolidation and is now no longer locally owned. Throughout the 6 week suspension of Cox they have written only 1 article about 6 lines in length. Ever since Rebecca Barrett left the paper they have done basically zero critical reporting about the police force. Hopefully the daily barometer (student newspaper) will consider stepping up. So many of Cox's victims have been students that one would hope they would be concerned.

Also I have heard from several women that cox molested them, considering the above comments it would seem there are many victims. Does anyone know how victims might be able to set up a method to get in touch and start moving forward with a lawsuit against Cox/the city? His M.O. was basically to do sobriety checks on women and once he was sure they were drunk he would molest them and tell them that if they reported it no one would believe them since it would look like they were trying to retaliate against him for arresting them.

Benton County Reporting is being done! COX and others 01.Nov.2007 08:36

The Benton Crusader bentoncrusader@yahoo.com

I have been reporting on my blog/newsline for a year and a half now. There is not much to say about Cox right now as the police department is covering what they can. They will have to come out with some sort of statement eventually.


professionalism 20.Nov.2007 05:18

career public servant

I was surprised to see comments, by a professed counsellor, posting unauthenticated information supposedly obtained in counselling sessions which she facilitated. Seems to be unprofessional to me. If Officer Cox went outside the scope of his authority it will be dealt with by the courts and through other legal action. Without rumors, innuendos, and unsubstantiated reports by people who should know better. Let the system run it's course, that is what it is there for.

Professionalism 12.Jan.2008 17:52

A Professional/Counselor

In response to the person who thought the counselor who posted information gained through clients at a diversion program about officer Cox..., did this counselor break Hippa laws; NO! only if names or specific information are shared about clients that would identify or pin point out an individual, is it then unlawful or against Hippa rules and only then would it turn into a breach of confidential information.

Talking about information shared in private sessions by "pretty college girls" or persons involved in a treatment program is "way to broad or general of a statement" to pin point any specific individual.