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Report from Seattle?

Wandering how it went...
I want to know how the protest in Seattle went. How big was it? The corporate media is saying 2000 or 4000. I hope that's not the case. The media also said no arrests, does that mean it was all orderly and kinda boring? Were the speeches any good? Anything provocative, controversial, exciting, or reformist? What did people like about it?

worldwide news 28.Oct.2007 03:36


Google news is posting 404 news stories on the antiwar marches in a dozen US cities. BBC News and the San Francisco Chronicle have articles. Props to the organizers and participants!

Wish we didn't have to do this protesting either 28.Oct.2007 21:08

Joe Anybody

I asked a cop who is in a line going by me, inside a coffee shop - right after the march -

I said "Hello Officer....Was there any problems or ruckus at today rally that you know of?"
*he said "No"

I said "Well thats good ....That there was 'no' problems... huh?"
*he said .."well its to bad this all has to go on" as he looks toward the street over his shoulder

I said "what all these people come out on the streets and march like this?" nodding toward the street outside were the march was just a half hour ago.
*he said "ya, .....all these people doing this (marching)" and was nodding in agreement

I said "ya if this war wasn't going on we wouldn't have to do this,
In fact we all really wish we weren't doing this at all?!"

The coffee line moved and he turns and moves on with it the opposite way from me ....
it was a friendly chat - from worlds far, far apart from each other


Up walks a young "peace marching type/with back pack" and politely asks this other officer who is just getting in line and near the back (by where I am sitting with my teenage kid)

She said "Hello Officer, can you help me find where is 3rd and _____ Street is? "
*he said "oh sure... your really close ....go up her one block turn left go two blocks your there, see that was close huh?"

That officer she asked was all smiles and had a nice polite cheerful attitude.
(I said to my kid "it was nice to see things happen like that")

She says "Cool thanks" and walks off ...... and so did we ..... it was time to go..... no ruckus here!

Re: "Anything provocative, controversial, exciting, or reformist?" 28.Oct.2007 22:34


One group of demonstrators dressed in black attempted to "break-away" when I was marching near them, but they were contained by the police fairly quickly, and relatively professionally, from what I could see.

I was pleased with the results of this effort. The turnout seemed like it was pretty good, considering that this did not seem to be promoted very well, and it demonstrated that we can conduct a planned simultaneous national action.