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Why kill Kurds?

Kurdistan will not now, nor in the nearby future become independent. Kurds will not rule themselves for a long time to come. At least not as long as neighboring countries need Kurdistan's water. The water from the Kurdish mountains also is the life line for Israel, and much more expensive than oil.
Why Kurdistan? Have a look at the map, it shows where and why. - Url.:  http://members.tripod.com/surkew/id18.htm

FPF - Update 27 October 2007 - Today's information from the pro-war New York Times: ''US troops in Iraq will do absolutely nothing," Maj. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon, the top American commander in northern Iraq, said. He had ''no plans to order his troops to confront Kurdish rebels in the mountains,'' he said, ''to fight the PKK.'' Also those Kurdish groups in northern Iraq claim that Turkey's ultimate motive is to prevent the formation of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq, Kurdistan, by occupying its territory and ultimately controlling part of its natural resources. The Kurds are absolutely and legally right, but the US/UK junta's multinationals don't want to share the power and profit with them, or with 'partner' Turkey.* That's why the Kurdish resistance is killed too.

NATO partner Turkey violently proceeds opening the water war front in different Kurdish areas, and the US/UK junta further and negatively alters the destiny of the Middle East as was planned. In a way that probably could not be challenged for decades, and not solely by controlling Iraq's oil, but by controlling its water.* There are no 'official' reports about concrete U.S.-Turkey cooperation on suppressing Kurdish 'rebels' it's wrongly stated, and the Chicago Tribune reported last Tuesday the U.S. military has considered launching cruise missile against PKK targets, but air strikes using manned aircraft were an easier option, one unidentified official told the Tribune.*

Because, in what to the Kurds is known as Kurdistan, (see map), and where they have fought for decades for their independence as a people, that's where not only the Kurdish oil capital of Kirkuk is located, but where also the very important water resources are. In Kurdistan the Tigris stream is made up of five long rivers from the mountainous regions. The Euphrates flood is another very important water supplier from those life spending sources and in 1991 a huge water dam and irrigation system was build. Costing more than 10 billion US dollars, and situated in the Kurdish region of Turkey. Turkey had at that time already signed 'secret' agreements with Israel, among others to thus secure the future delivery of Kurdish water to Israel, via the Mosul/Kirkuk/Haifa oil and water pipelines. It's officially known that Turkey receives Israeli hightech, training and all kinds of weapons in return.*


The 2nd and 3d November 2007, the globally detested US 'Secretary of State' Condoleezza Rice, who everywhere leaves a huge trail of death and destruction, will visit Turkey. To check what more can be done by the US/UK's NATO and Israeli armed forces to stop Kurdish PKK resistance fighters, which are called 'rebels' or 'terrorists' as usual because they too endanger the multinationals profit and power. By the generalizing US junta's 'State Department', the whole of the (resistance) PKK was officially classified as a 'terrorist organisation'. But clearly some are more 'terrorist' than others... Formally Rice is supposed to attend an international meeting on Iraq in Istanbul, but before this meeting on the by the U.S. c.s. lost illegal invasion of former ally Iraq, Rice will have talks with Turkish leaders in Ankara concerning some of the PKK people.

Turkey 'pro forma' will be asked by the US and Israeli delegation to 'take it easy', after deadly clashes 30 kilometers into Iraq, including attacks from the Turkish air force on some Kurdish groups, but that will be the 'smoke and mirror' part. The Kurdish resistance groups - contrary to the Kurdish collaborators which have sold themselves - do not intend to give in to Turkish/US/UK and Israeli demands and so called 'agreements' concerning Kurdistan. Whereupon the mainstream propaganda is describing the Kurdish resistance fighters as 'terrorists', as a pretext which also can enable an attack with the armed forces of the US/UK plus NATO, and thus Turkish forces, on Iran, as Israel and its lobby in the US junta fervently wants.

"We are chasing Kurdish terrorists in the area." the propaganda media will spout, again treacherously 'selling' this other pretext for resource wars. Without any proof whatsoever, and as always, the propaganda media will also accuse them of 'ties with al Qaida' or some other CIA front organisation used in the US-made global war of terror. As if - according to UNICEF - 2.7 million dead people in Iraq is not enough, Rice c.s. - representing the worst this world has to offer - will state that those 'terrorists' should be 'neutralized'. Because the US/UK junta still is prone to illegal invasions, their global threats and terrorism, and, what they keep saying is ''the need for international intervention''. It's all a pack of lies.


"Turkey is committed to pursuing and hunting down members of the terrorist organisation the PKK who use the north of Iraq as a base to stage attacks in Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said last Thursday. Speaking in the Romanian capital Bucharest, where he was on an official visit, Erdogan said Turkey would use its legitimate rights under international law to defend itself against attacks by the PKK. Asked if his forthcoming visit to the US would be used to obtain clearance for Turkish forces to enter northern Iraq to strike at the PKK, Erdogan said Turkey did not need the permission of anyone to defend itself.

"The ball is off our court now, and we will have to do what is necessary on our own if those who have the responsibility do not take action," he told reporters. He also said that Turkey's European allies were failing a test of their sincerity in the fight against terrorism. "Unfortunately, the terrorist organization has been establishing associations in several European countries, receiving financial support and our European friends are employing delaying tactics by refusing to hand over the PKK operatives they captured to Turkey." Erdogan said.


A couple of years ago The Guardian (UK) quoted american journalist Seymour Hersh, who is well informed because he knows the zionists which he calls 'a cult that has taken over', and wrote about what they were doing to Kurdistan too.* Hersh's story was published in the UK, using the title Israelis 'using Kurds to build power base', and the article was written by Gary Younge, the Guardian's correspondent in New York. Quote: "Israeli military and intelligence operatives are active in Kurdish areas of Iran, Syria and Iraq, providing training for commando units and running covert operations that could further destabilize the entire region, according to a report in the New Yorker magazine. The article was written by Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who exposed the abuse scandal in Abu Ghraib. It is sourced primarily to unnamed former and current intelligence officials in Israel, the United States and Turkey.

Israel's aims, according to Hersh, are to build up the Kurdish military strength in order to offset the strength of the Shia militias and to create a base in Iran from which they can spy on Iran's suspected nuclear-making facilities. "Israel has always supported the Kurds in a Machiavellian way - a balance against Saddam," one former Israeli intelligence officer told the New Yorker. "It's Realpolitik. By aligning with the Kurds Israel gains eyes and ears in Iran, Iraq and Syria. The critical question is 'What will the behaviour of Iran be if there is an independent Kurdistan with close ties to Israel? Iran does not want an Israeli land-based aircraft carrier on its border."


By supporting Kurdish separatists, Israel also risks alienating its Turkish ally and undermining attempts to create a stable Iraq. "If you end up with a divided Iraq it will bring more blood, tears and pain to the Middle East and you will be blamed," a senior Turkish official told Mr Hersh.

Intel Brief, an intelligence newsletter produced by former CIA chiefs, noted early this month that the Israeli actions are placing increasing stress on their relationship with Turkey, which was already strained over the war. "The Turks are increasingly concerned by the expanding Israeli presence in Kurdistan and alleged encouragement of Kurdish ambitions to create an independent state."

According to Mr Hersh, Israel decided to step up its role in Kurdistan last summer after it was clear that the United States incursion into Iraq was failing, principally because it feared the chaos would strengthen Iran. The Israelis are particularly concerned that Iran may be developing a nuclear capability.

Iran said on Saturday it would reconsider its suspension of some uranium enrichment activities after the International Atomic Energy Agency issued a resolution deploring Iran's limited cooperation with the agency.

In the autumn the former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak told the US vice president, Dick Cheney, that America had lost in Iraq. Israel "had learned that there's no way to win an occupation," he told Mr Cheney, and the only issue was "choosing the size of your humiliation".

From July last year, argues Mr Hersh, the Israeli government started what one former Israeli intelligence official called "Plan B" in order to protect itself from the fallout of the chaos prompted by America's failure ahead of June 30. If the June 30 transfer of sovereignty does not go well, "there is no fallback, nothing," a former National Security Council member tells Hersh. "The neocons still think they can pull the rabbit out of the hat in Iraq," a former intelligence official says. "What's the plan? They say, 'We don't need it. Democracy is strong enough. We'll work it out.'"

Israel has a longstanding relationship with the Kurds, whom they regard as one of the few non-Arab allies in the area. The Iraqi Kurds, who played a key role in providing the United States with intelligence ahead of the war, have been angered by the United Nations resolution on Iraq earlier this month. The resolution did not affirm the interim constitution that granted them minority veto power in a permanent constitution and so could potentially leave them sidelined.


One Turkish official told Mr Hersh that Kurdish independence would be calamitous for the region. "The lesson of Yugoslavia is that when you give one country independence everybody will want it. Kirkuk will be the Sarajevo of Iraq. If something happens there, it will be impossible to contain the crisis." [end quote]

And the crisis keeps growing. AP, the 'American Propaganda' bureau, writes that the US-made Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's so called 'government', has protested to Ankara over cross-border shelling of Iraqi territory by the Turkish army and repeatedly called for a diplomatic solution to the conflict. Al-Maliki has received an invitation from Erdogan to visit Turkey, but it's no surprise that no date has been set. The whole of course being intended to get the Israeli and US/UK war machine further thwart efforts by Kurds and Turks to annex the water and the oil rich area and the city of Kirkuk, plus the rest of what by the inhabitants is looked upon as Kurdistan.

Like the US/UK's multinationals and Israeli plotters, Kirkuk's Arab and Turkoman residents reject Kurdish claims to Kirkuk. Iraq's 'constitution' stipulates that a referendum on the fate of Kirkuk must be held in the city before the end of the year, which would likely be won by Kurds - guess which group! - raising Turkish concerns that it would fuel separatist sentiment at home.

So the plan is - depending on further armed actions - that Rice will assure the Turkish government what is said above, that Kurdistan in the nearby future will definitely NOT become independent, and that some fake autonomy or similar with a good sounding name will be offered. Like the Turks, Rice's kongsi of killers will see to it that Kurds will not rule themselves for a long time to come, and when they dare to offer resistance, they're chased and killed.


Or, like PKK resistance leader Abdullah Ícalan who, because of the Greek government's usual and criminal collaboration with the Israeli Mossad, in 1999 was kidnapped in Kenya's capital Nairobi, one of the CIA's main headquarters in Africa. The also by the EU countries refused and hunted Ícalan, was after his totally illegal kidnapping, brought to jail in Turkey but the people in power didn't dare to kill Ícalan, because of the immense and global protests. Hardly ever anything was seen or heard which was said about the tyrannous disregard of human rights.*

The anger of the Kurdish resistance is also based upon a further growing 'security' axis between the US/UK junta, Israel and Turkey, which, since its official inauguration in February 1996, has permeated all levels of Turkey's foreign policy. Including the highest echelons of the armed forces which fight an oppressive war against some groups of the PKK in southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq. Where the Kurdish resistance fighters rightly say, that the natural resources of Kurdistan ought to help the Kurds to become autonomous, to be a souvereign state.

That's why some Kurds get arms, and other Kurds get killed.

And that's what the whole fight is about: power and profit.

Nothing else...


Story Source: Guardian (UK) - Url.:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/print/0,3858,4952249-103552,00.html

New York Times (war propaganda) today - Oct. 27th - 2007 - "Iraq Plan to Add U.S. Troops at Kurdish Border Is Rejected by Turkey" - Url.:
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Israel signs agreement to buy water from Turkey and may pay for part of it with weapons, in a deal - Url.:

Power Bloc Turkey and Israel Lock Arms - Israeli weapons offer Turkey a way around such sanctions. The PKK to increase its leverage with Turkey over its water rights. - Url.:

Reshaping the Mideast countries - Kirkuk/Haifa pipelines - Url.:  http://www.nogw.com/ilrunshow.html

NOORDWIJK, The Netherlands - Khaleej Times Online - NATO allies express solidarity with Turkey - NATO expressed solidarity with Turkey on Wednesday. Turkish warplanes reportedly bombed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) targets. - Url.: www.khaleejtimes.com/.../theworld/2007/October/theworld_October778.xml&section=theworld

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