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KPTV on the prowl for Freegan story

Editor for KPTV sent me an email after seeing an old indymedia article on freeganism. Correspondence follows:
I wanted to share an email I received today from Amy Lewin, the assistant editor to KPTV Fox 12 :

I am trying to connect with people in the Portland, OR area who do
dumpster diving for sustenance.
I saw your email on a portland indy-media discussion about dumpster
diving in Portland and thought you might be a good person to reach.

Do you still live in the Portland area? Are you still pursuing a
"freegan" lifestyle? If so, please contact me. I am pursuing a story
on Freegans in Portland for KPTV -- and would love to talk to you and
others who would be interested.

My office (I work weekends) 503-548-6550.


Amy Lewin

Assignment Editor


503 548 6550 newsroom

503 548 6920 fax
 kptvnews@kptv.com - news email


My response:

Hi Amy -

Thanks for writing.
Though I appreciate your efforts in attempting to cover the story of
resourceful minds reusing and reducing the waste created by everyday
America, I cannot help you with your story.

I have never seen a story on your company's news which I felt was
nothing more than exploitative, shallow, or produced for mere
shock-value. I have no doubt this piece will be in the same line.

A news organization which summarizes stories within 90 seconds cannot
be of any value to the public, and I can already imagine what the end
result of the "freegan culture" piece will reflect.

Perhaps looking deeper into Portland Indymedia and grabbing any of the
dozen stories put up per day, by ordinary citizens with more
journalistic integrity that your corporation allows, will expand the
potential of corporate media, and your show.

I'm sure this isn't acceptable or maybe even desirable to do, but
please, consider the option when putting together your pieces for
televised news.

The topics which are important to help people understand the world
they're living in should probably be covered (to some extent, AT
LEAST) by the mainstream media. But alas, every night on your station,
we get to see a dozen crimes caught on tape, celebrity gossip, and
kittens from YouTube.

You need to be more responsible with what you have the power to do.

Media conglomeration has whittled your network's value down to nothing
for the viewer's brain, and the content provided by network news just
serves as an example of this.

Freeganism IS an important story to cover, as animal rights, war,
poverty, media consolidation, American fascism, and corruption of
government would all be great stories to see on the news.... but I
don't trust your company to do this.

Sorry, but thanks!
- Craig