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"Ten MOST DANGEROUS Organizations" in America

Sorry, Indymedia, you didn't make the list this time.
Family Security Matters, right-wing org. has published its list.

It's mostly funny, but I sure would have put the IMC up there. Maybe we could picket and demand a recount.

Check it out:


Wow, I need a hot bath after seeing that propaganda crap THANKS A LOT! 27.Oct.2007 04:30


They should have listed the Council on Foreign Relations and they could have shortened their list because the CFR founded at least two of those organizations. The right-wing blogosphere is like an episode of the Twilight Zone, only Rod Serling let up on the spookiness after a half hour and let you go to bed with only mild nightmares. The irony of these times will be studied by future historians who likely would ask if the "United States" was a typo.

Oooo ... we're a pretty scary looking bunch, aren't we? 30.Oct.2007 16:06

Jody Paulson

Maybe that's why they won't let us into Canada.  http://www.codepink4peace.org/article.php?id=3502

Code PInk in front of the Canadian Embassy
Code PInk in front of the Canadian Embassy